Thursday, December 23, 2010

Year Production Results 2010 - Fish Success

Last week we had our annual Christmas get together for the Pisces crew. This is to share some time from our busy schedules and to remember and recognize what the key to our success is  -namely the captains and mates. It is a great time of camraderie, tacos, tamales, singing and fun. We also award the crews based on their production throughout the year, with awards given for most tuna caught, most dorado caught, most marlin caught and the top prize being, the best overall catch rate, meaning which boat came back most often with fish of any type.  It was extremely close in all categories, with just a decimal point difference between four boats for the top prize.  Results were as follows:
Top marlin boat went to Tracy Ann.
Top tuna boat was Andrea
Top dorado boat was Ruthless
Overall best boat was La Brisa with an 89.53 catch success rate.

The average for the fleet combined was 88.62% which is high - this number was the average chance you had of catching fish with Pisces.

Here are a few photos of the event.
Ady & Ale get into the swing of things with the band

Ale, Tracy & Ady Pose for the camera

Enrique - this guy normally fillets the fish, but is handy with a violin as well as a knife.

Top Tuna Boat was Andrea, shown here are Orlando and Abram recieving their prize.

Next up were Beto & Leon from Ruthless for top dorado boat.
 Top marlin boat for the second year in a row was for Julio & Martin from Tracy Ann
 And the winners were...Salvador & Rey from La Brisa

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