Wednesday, February 23, 2011

So I Caught Fish Now What Do I Do With It?

You can catch some great eating fish in Cabo when marlin fishing isn't up to par. Catches such as dorado, wahoo and yellow fin tuna are some of the best eating in the world, but along with these others such as yellowtail, sierra and snapper are also delicious and not at all "fishy". Some angler opt to have their fish frozen and take it home, which is included with our all-inclusive charters. Fish are filleted, packed in Ziploc bags ready to be picked up from our office the day you leave. You can also opt for vacuum packing or smoking handled by outside vendors for an additional cost. One thing we highly recommend though, is having some of your catch prepared at Captain Tony's right on the marina next to our office. You can have yoru fresh catch delivered to the restaurant by our staff. Just let them know at the dock what time you want to eat and how many people and they will take care of the rest. Captain Tony's does a phenomenal job with your fish and also offers great salads, pizzas, seafood chile rellenos plus lots more. The pizzas are baked in a special mezquite oven.  They charge a small fee to cook your fish and the result can be seen here; they will do several different preparations so you can decide on your favorite.

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