Monday, April 04, 2011

Unveiling of Marlin Monument in Cabo

This past Friday, March 31st the Pabellon Cultural de La Repulica was opened. In English that is the Cultural Pavillion of the Republic - in other words, that huge odd shaped, modern building behind Pisces headquarters. Seeing as we are now neighbors we thought we should know what it was all about and got involved in the event. This is a center for the arts, including a 1200 seat outdoor theatre, a movie theatre and an indoor theater with seating for 700 with a proper stage, hydraulic orchestra pit and the whole nine yards.
The event on March 31st began with the unveiling of the plaque at the entrance by the Governor, Narciso Agundez, who gave a speech flanked by politicians and the public. Next was the unveiling of the huge marlin sculpture, located at the marina entrance of the pavillion, donated to the people of Cabo by Pisces Sportfishing.  This is a replica of the largest marlin ever caught and written about. The original fish was taken aboard a commercial longliner off of Venezuela and was so large that it had to be cut into three pieces to be weighed. The fish totaled 4500 lbs approximately. We thought it fitting that such a giant marlin should be on the marina of Cabo San Lucas. The inscription reads "World's Largest Blue Marlin. This is a replica of the largest marlin ever recorded, caught aboard a longliner in 1976 - 4500 lbs. In Honor of the Magnificent Marlin upon which our town was built. Donated to the people of Cabo San Lucas by Pisces Sportfishing. In memory of Pedro Ehrenberg B & Peter Ehrenberg S.
Cabo San Lucas Marlin Capital of the World". After the unveiling there was a performance by Mariachi Vargas from Jalisco, considered the best mariachi band in the world, followed by a performance inside by two Mexican Divas, Oliva Gorra a soprano currently on tour with Andrea Bocelli &  Guadalupe Pineda a famous Mexican singer - both gave an incredible performance.
From left to right: Secretary of Tourism Alberto TreviƱo, city councilmen Dr. Ibarra & Gabriel Larrea, Mayor Mirna Xbille, Tracy Ehrenberg, Governor Narciso Agundez, Marco Ehrenberg, Ruth Ehrenberg, Luis Alvardo & Andrea Ehrenberg

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