Saturday, May 28, 2011

Great Fishing This Memorial Day Weekend - Why Aren't You Here?

Cabo is a bit quiet this week-end which is a shame as the fishing is outstanding, the weather beautiful and the town and beaches uncrowded.
Today we saw some excellent fishing, such as that enjoyed by Neil Nelson & Dean Hilde fishing with their sons, from Bosie Idaho. They were out on "C Rod" with Captain Abel, who was sure to make the kids feel welcome, but then all of our captains are great with kids and get a kick out of introducing them to big game fishing.  They ended up with two striped marlin released estimated at 120 and 140 lbs and  a 100 lb pilot shark released. Again the pictures tell a better story of their experience than words can....they sure look like happy campers.

It won't be long before this cute little guy will be able to handle  a marlin all on his own.

Another boat that did well was "Rebecca" with SIX STRIPED MARLIN released today with weights ranging from 110 to 170 lbs all caught on live caballito at the 11.50 spot - the busy anglers were almost an all girl team from  Houston Texas, Crystal and Jade Porter, Lauren, Helena & David Thomas, who they may have brought along as a bodyguard....we can't work out why there were so many guys around when these pics was taken......

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