Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Swordfish On Tracy Ann

Tracy Ann with Swordfish from left to right mate Julio Castro Jr., Captain Julio Castro, Deckhand Martin Gonzalez, anglers Rick Morris & Bruce Kesler from Braselton, Georgia USA

Rick Morris & Bruce Kesler from Braselton Georgia did not know what they were in for when they boarded "Tracy Ann" on May 1st. Sure they had expectations of marlin, Cabo is famous for marlin...the weather was beautiful as they left the dock. They made a stop on the way out to pick up some live bait, caballito or horse-jack was the only type available, so they dropped ten into the bait well and were on their way to the 11.50 spot, which had produced some fish the previous day. It wasn't long before they spotted a striped marlin, cast a live bait to it and soon had a hook up. They fought the fish to the boat and estimated it at 170 lbs before successfully releasing it. They then proceeded to troll again as did other boats from our fleet fishing the same area. Valerie and Tracy Ann spotted the swordfish sunning itself on the surface at the same time. The guys on Valerie cast a bait but the fish did not take it, they were circling back to offer another bait, when Tracy Ann swooped in right behind them, cast a bait, which landed right on the bill of the fish and it bit; probably more from annoyance than hunger....but who cares, they were hooked up. They struggled with this very strong fish for over six hours before finally landing it, making it back just before dark. The crew was thrilled; swordfish are such a prized catch. This one was estimated at 270 lbs. Chic McsSherry however, the angler on the Valerie was not thrilled. Chic is from Scotland and a long-time friend and regular angler, he whined to me "That was my fish, I saw it first, it was my fish". This is one of the few billfish he has not caught and this would have been a crowning achievement for him, but that's the way it goes sometimes first-timers get them. Nevetherless, Chic didn't have too much to complain about, he ended up releasing five striped marlin that day.

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