Sunday, June 05, 2011

Ale's Last Fish Report

This fish report was written by Ale (Alejandra Almada) and we didn't get it posted. So this is last week's report and the most recent one will be posted shortly. Ale is leaving Pisces to start a new venture in the mainland city of Guadalajara. Any of our clients dealing with Ale would agree what a great asset she has been. Not only is she beautiful, but very intelligent and has a lot of insight and is quick thinking. We will really miss her, but feel we may see her back here again in the future, where a job at Pisces will be waiting.
Ale we wish you the best in your this new chapter in your life.  Great job on the fish report!

May 21st to 27th, 2011

Overall Catch Success Rate 97.37%for All Species Combined

BILLFISH: Fishing was FANTASTIC this week, with an almost perfect success rate for our anglers. Marlin bite took off with NINENTY percent of our boats catching mostly striped marlin. “Shambala” with captain T.J Dobson was definitely the marlin boat of the week, with a total of TWENTY SIX striped marlin released in TWO DAYS! The best day was on the 23rd for Larry & Lisa Barnes and Michael & Roberta Jester from California with fifteen striped marlin released at the 11.50 spot all hooked with caballito as a live bait. On the 21st, Homer Richer and friends from Brownsville, TX had a busy day as well, releasing eleven stripers by the same spot. “Ruthless” was not that far of those numbers as they had a great day on the 24th for Kristeen & Robin Nalder from Utah as they released seven striped marlin- fish took a mix of caballito and ballyhoo as bait; not tired yet they also released one pilot shark and boated two nice dorado between 25- 40 lbs at the same spot. On the 25th Robson Green from Newcastle, UK released four striped marlin aboard “Tracy Ann” – his very first marlin and good material for the episode for his show; we can’t wait to see it!... “Cabolero” also released four striped marlin this day for Robert Wittenoom & Pipa Cummins and their friends from Perth, Australia; the fish took a combination of caballito and lures by the 95 spot. On the 21st, Richard Campbell from Van Nuys, CA released four stripers aboard our 42 ft “Yahoo”. Pisces anglers caught 90 striped marlin and 1 sailfish this week, all but one released.

OTHER SPECIES: Even though everybody is busy with the marlin, dorado and yellow fin tuna catches are still good. Twenty four percent of our boats caught dorado this week from 15 to nice 45 lbs range. At the end of this report, “Yahoo” did pretty good for Ben Wells and buddies from Greenville, SC boating four dorados from 20 to a nice 44 lbs and releasing one striped marlin at seven miles out from Cerro Colorado. On the 21st Stephen Grove from Long Beach, CA reeled in four dorado and four football size yellow fin tuna at the Herradura spot aboard “Cabolero”. On the 27th “Ruthless” caught two dorado, one was a nice 45 lbs bull dorado for Art, Christine & Kendall Whittlesey from Bellevue, WA; they also released two striped marlin. Yellow fin tuna catches was the second place this week with twenty nine percent of our boat caught between one to sixteen fish. Top tuna boat was “Ruthless” as they had a fantastic day on the 21st for Robin and Kristeen Nalder from Utah again, as they boated sixteen yellow fin tuna, one 45 lbs wahoo and four dorado- plenty of fillets to take back home! The same day, “C-Rod” caught fifteen tuna for Edward Lamb from Lafayette, LA at ten miles out from Cerro Blanco; they were also fortunate to released one striped marlin and one mako shark by the 95 spot. On the 25th William Anderson and Friedrich Gruetmacher from California boated ten yellow fin tuna between 10 – 25 lbs with cedar plugs aboard “Adriana”; they also released one striped marlin each. On the 22nd Mark Chiavetta and friends from San Jose, CA caught ten yellow fin tuna between 25 to 40 lber aboard his “Bill Collector” out from the Herradura spot. A day before, “Bill Collector” caught nine of this delicious fish and released one striped marlin for Jeff Turnbull from Charlotte, NC . Looks like the 21st was tuna day, as most of the boats caught some yellow fin tuna, like the “Andrea” for John Baumgartner from Indiana with a nice 170 lber at the 11:50 spot; they also caught two dorado and released one striped marlin & one pilot shark- they were tired and back to the dock at noon (talk about a lucky day!) We had a total of 22 dorado and 76 yellow fin tuna this week.

As to other species, we had wahoo, mako & pilot shark and a couple of skipjacks

WEATHER CONDITIONS: Clear, sunny skies with some windy days

LOCATION: Pacific Side – Herradura

Sea of Cortez – 11:50 Spot, Chileno, 95 Spot, Cerro Blanco, Cabeza Ballena, Sta. Maria


BEST LURES: Pink/blue, cedar plugs, feathers, squid, purple, volador,, white/blue, red/white, petrolero, green, guacamayo, tigrillo

Live bait: caballito, cocinero , yellow tail and ballyhoo
Based on the catches of Pisces by Ale Almada –

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