Thursday, June 02, 2011

It Was a 250 lb Tuna, Why Is It 150 lbs at the Dock?

A few days ago Tyson Seeliger from Houston, Texas boarded our 35 ft Cabo "Great Escape Jr." for a day of fishing with Captain Ricardo Agundez, expecting that he would probably catch a marlin.  Ricardo headed up to the 11.50 spot (between Palmilla and San Jose about 11 miles offshore) and didn't disappoint Tyson, soon having him hooked up to a striped marlin.  It wasn't long before they had the striper up to the boat and released it safely, after some photos of course. The crew then spotted another marlin up on the surface and were about to throw a live bait to it, when from out of nowhere something hit the lure on their left outrigger and took off at what seemed like a hundred miles an hour. This fish was so fast and strong that it almost spooled them. Tyson, struggled and pumped and reeled but they had no idea of what it was. They got a glimpse of something black and large as it's back broke the water and for a second Ricardo, thought it was "one of those big black dolphins (porpoise)" that nobody wants on the line. They perservered and finally after one and a half hours they finally realized that it was a large tuna. This tuna never dove but stayed up on the surface the whole time. After another two hours they had the fish twenty feet from the boat, when it was attacked by four pilot (silky) sharks. They ripped into it devouring it in large bites, as Tyson frantically  reeled as fast as he could to try and save his sushi.  Once what was left of the tuna was on board, the sharks still persevered, which was their mistake; the crew managed to hook two of them and bring them to the boat, but being more merciful than the sharks were with the tuna they released them,  after estimating their weight at 120-140 lbs. Back at the dock the tuna caused quite a stir when it was unloaded.

This Tuna Looked Like Any Other Large Yellowfin When It Showed Up At The Dock at First Glance.

This Fish Was Easily 250 LBS, Until Four Sharks Attacked It

This is The Lure It Took, a Jet Head Petrolero

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