Saturday, July 02, 2011

Cyclops Shark Update

The interest in the weird shark has been amazing, thousands of people have seen the photos and we have been contacted by different organizations, publications and individuals from around the world. There are a lot skeptics but we assure you that this is real.

We just spoke to the commercial fisherman who caught the bull shark that had the albino one-eyed baby inside of it and he filled in some of the details for us. The mother bull shark was caught on what is known locally as a "simplera", this is a large cork buoy which is attached to a sack of sand as an anchor to keep it on the bottom, a smaller buoy is then attached horizontally to the main buoy by a line, with a  smaller  vertical line hanging down with a hook on it. The hook was baited with ballyhoo. The fisherman set the equipment up off of Isla Cerralvo then went back later to see what he had caught. When they reached this "simplera" and brought it up there was a dead female bullshark that weighed 286 lbs and was almost ten feet long. Back at the beach where the shark was filleted they found ten pups inside of her. All of them normal except for the one posted here, which was albino and had the one "eye". The fisherman told me that this one would have been born first, due to the position it was in -first in line at the exit, but that he doubted that it would have survived. Scientists currently have it in their possession and are performing tests.

It's sad to hear of this large female with pups inside killed, but this was taken by a commercial fishing skiff (panga) and this is how the fisherman makes a living to take care of his family. All parts of the shark are used, including the skin. The meat is salted and sent to mainland Mexico where it is usually sold as bacalo or "cod".

General Area where the female Bull-Shark was caught

Pisces Sportfishing will continue to bring you more on this story as it unfolds.


about Laurie said...

I have never heard of this kind of a shark and look forward to more information. Thanks for the updates

billnetter said...

I don't believe that this pup has been faked. With the amount of all the various types of fish in our seas, this kind of thing probably happens more then we can even imagine that it does. It has a name. It is called, "Evolution!" They said if the pup had been born, it most likely would not of survived anyways. But this is how evolution works. It tries different things until one benefits the species and then the change is made gradually over tens of thousands of years to come. I don't like the idea that a mother bull shark died without passing on her young either. But had the fisherman not of caught this shark and found this pup, it might be another 100 years until someone else caught another fish that was making an evolutional change in it's future offspring??? So, with the unintentional killing of the bull shark parent, it is very interesting to be able to see this major change!! Very awesome to see this!! Those are my thoughts! What's yours??? (smile)