Tuesday, November 06, 2012

The Louvar Was Stolen!

After we posted the Louvar story a few days ago, our reservations office got a call from Joe Estrada, a fisherman who with friends, claims to be the real owner of the 300 lb louvar that was brought back to the dock last Friday. Apparently he and friends, all die-hard fisherman, had rented a boat called Dr. Pescado and they were the ones who spotted the large fish, just off of the arch, not four miles out from the Lighthouse, they had tied it off to a buoy and were planning on picking it up later, but their captain called somebody else, the Captain of Marina II and asked him to take the fish back to port and get it on ice, so it would not be ruined by the sun. Joe continued fishing and they caught some dordo, but the group was excited to head back to port to check out their strange catch. However, when they got back, there was no fish and they were told it had already been filleted & photos taken with the captain who was supposed to be doing them a favor - Joe told me that he "didn't get a single fillet" and as you can image was pretty upset. He told me "I have great photos, of the fish still alive in the water". We have a call scheduled with him this morning to get the rest of the details as his phone was low on battery when we spoke yesterday.

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