Sunday, March 03, 2013

Killer Whale Follow Up

Killer whale post more info: "They were the size of a Mercedes Sprinter van. It was intimidating" - we obtained additional information on the photo we posted yesterday and in Bryan McGown's own words he said "We were on a 31 foot charter (I don't recall the name) and were headed out to blue water for marlin. In the photo, you can see the drop back rod which was pinned to a live bait in the bait tank. We were off of the Cabo Pulmo / Los Frailes area.The orca was part of a small pod of 12 to 18 individuals; there was another orca in the prop wash on the other side, but my camera could only capture the one. They played around the wake for a while and then took off. It was the size that was impressive at 24" away - they were the size of a Mercedes Sprinter van. As the stern dipped in the waves, they would peer into the cockpit. It was intimidating - they are big!
The skipper said he sees this pod a couple of times a year but never had them appear in the stern wash".....another photo here

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