Friday, October 25, 2013


Why does this woman look so happy? Perhaps because she just caught a fish worth 1.2 Million Dollars...Martha McNabb was thrilled last night after landing the biggest fish so far in the 2013 Bisbee Black & Blue; even though she  is not entered across the board, it appears that her fish caught yesterday, weighing 525 LBS will net her a big pay day. Who knows, if no larger fish are caught today, the last day of the competition,  the fish will be worth even more. Martha is a die hard fisherwoman and should she win will be the first female ever to win the Bisbee. Martha is no stranger to success though, this five foot two powerhouse landed a 635 lb blue marlin several years ago in the Bisbee, but was bumped to second place by a boat that caught two fish in the 300 -350 lb plus range, that when added together beat the weight of her fish. Martha loves fishing in Cabo aboard her 61 ft Viking "Retriever" with her crew of local Mexican guys. GIRL POWER, in what is mostly a macho world.

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