Thursday, June 12, 2008


But why?

There are many stories about the reason not to bring bananas on the boat, there is one that says that there was a deckhand who slipped on one left on deck and made the captain lose a giant fish, another says the oil that a banana leaves on the hands can scare the fish away, that bananas can give you "the runs" and you spend the day on the head wasting fishing time, but doing some research I found the next, which seems the most logical version...

Back in the 17th and 18th century, all ships making their way around the continents, often had to stop in tropical islands to re-supply food and water, and many times, crew members loaded boats with banana crates, which came packed with bugs, spiders, scorpions and even snakes, all of these creatures crawled their way into the crew bunks, storage rooms and eventually, the Captain's quarters, making life miserable aboard his ship, so the captains started a rumor just before every trip that bananas were bad luck, remember that we are talking about the 17th century, so superstitions were taken very seriously.

Please leave us your comments and let us know of any other superstitions that you know of regarding fishing.