Thursday, July 26, 2012

750 lb Blue Marlin Caught In Cabo, or was it more?

This 750 lb blue marlin was photographed at the main dock yesterday and did not get seen by many people, but Carlos from Marinas de Baja was kind enough to pass this on to us with the comment "Well it might have been bigger actually, because our scale only goes up to 750 lbs then it stops. When they hung the fish the needle instantly sprung to 750 lb and couldn't go anymore, as that's the limit. So perhaps it was a bit bigger". Nobody will ever know now, but this large blue marlin was caught aboard a spectacular 98 ft Queenship "Acero Azul" - definitely one of the most impressive sportfishers in Los Cabos. Captain Rob Pertrina was at the helm for what seemed to be a short time for a fish of this size, two hours and ten minutes. the angler was Gary Steelberg from Newport Beach, Ca. We are waiting for a callback from Captain Rob to fill us in on the details.