Saturday, October 16, 2010

Thank you letter from Glenn & Diane Schneck and friends

Dear Pisces,

On behalf of Glenn and Diane Schneck and Michael and Melissa Segreaves (Orlando, FL) we wanted to thank the entire Pisces team for the excellent time we had on our recent fishing charter. Your customer service and professionalism throught the experience was incredible - From the greeting we received outside of your establishment on the pier, to the staff on the fishing boat, to the feast we enjoyed at the restaurant next door it was an amazing experience. Being cruise passengers, we were only in port for a short while, aboard "Ruthless" with Captain Leon Camach and Beto, they accommodated our schedule and allowed us to catch 10 Dorado - what fun it was reeling those in!

We are hoping to come back to Cabo and see you again in the future! Attached are a few pictures.


The Schneck's and Segreaves