Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Another Big Tuna

We were all thrilled when La Brisa got a 200 lb tuna for a lady angler a few days ago, but it seems the big boys are in town. We heard of a 300 lb plus tuna being taken aboard a commercial panga on 500 lb test line last week. Not to be outdone, Great Escape Jr. did very well to capture this 254 lb'er for Dominik Green from Chicago on September 27th. It's no easy feat to bring in a fish of this size and cost him a lot of sweat and blisters...he did get an ice cold beer as a reward though. All this bodes well for this years Tuna Tournament scheduled for early November.

Big Wahoo

It's been awhile since we have had any wahoo of any size but Paul Paulson, from Gary, Indiana, pulled in this beauty aboard Rebecca on September 27th. The fish was 60 lbs and took a petrolero lure by GaspareƱo on the Pacific.