Sunday, November 18, 2012

Cabo a Fisherman's Paradise?

November 10TH TO 16TH, 2012
Overall Catch Success Rate All Species Combined 96%
Matt Leonard from Bel Air Maryland released this long bill pacific spearfish aboard Adriana, shown here with deckhand Fernando on the left
BILLFISH: Cabo is a fisherman’s paradise right now, the fish are thick, lots of dorado, some big tuna and some amazing marlin catches that hint of what is to come. November 16th, the end of this report, was when we saw the jump on marlin catches. This day saw Pisces 31 ft Betram “Rebecca” catch and release eight marlin, plus a sailfish for Dieter Decker and friends from Sarnia, Canada, off of Todos Santos.  This same day Tom Collins, Jim Huson and Matt Gray from Idaho also did very well to release eight striped marlin aboard Pisces 31 ft Bertram “Tracy Ann”.  One day before, this same boat had released six marlin and boated a dorado for Gary and Leslie Owen from Brandon, Missouri. Not only did we have striped marlin making an appearance, Pisces 31 ft Cabo, “Cabolero” caught a 380 lb blue marlin at the 95 spot, on a pink and black lure, for Larry Barkley and Bart Durrant from Edmonton. There were plenty of other boats that got a single marlin, plus other game fish such as dorado or tuna. The marlin were taking ballyhoo or live bait and were found up the Pacific by Todos Santos, which is a fair run.  Twenty six percent of boats caught billfish this week, breaking down into 39 striped marlin, 1 sailfish and 1 blue marlin; all but one fish were leased.
Matt Leonard again, this time with a nice size dorado, also aboard Adriana
OTHER SPECIES: Dorado remains the number one sportfish in Cabo at this moment, with no sign of a slowdown. Our top dorado boat was Pisces 31 ft Bertram “Ruthless” for thirty caught in one day, plus a wahoo for Dave Kaminski & family from Valparaiso, Idaho – fifteen of the dorado were released.  Several other boats had twenty plus dorado days. This species are averaging 20 to 30 lbs with catches on the Pacific between the Lighthouse and all the way up to Punta Lobos. Seventy eight percent of boats caught dorado and the total fish count was 420. We had some nice tuna catches too, with some large fish such as a 200 lb’er caught aboard Pisces 38 ft Blackfin “C Rod” on November 14th, caught on a black and green lure twenty five miles out.  Pisces “Bill Collector” had a couple of very nice fish too at 100 lbs and 140 lbs, taken at Punta Gorda on a skipjack and candy lure respectively. Besides these catches we had others of smaller fish, 10 to 50 lbs off of the Old Lighthouse giving us a catch rate of nineteen percent and a tally of 79 fish. We had several smallish wahoo this week, plus a few skipjack inshore. Our catch record would have been perfect this week if it had not been for a couple of pangas that drew a blank.
WEATHER CONDITIONS: Perfect, clear, sunny skies, flat seas.
BEST LURES: Live bait, dead ballyhoo, green and pink colors.
Based on the catches of Pisces by Tracy Ehrenberg