Monday, April 19, 2010

Joss Stone in Cabo, but nobody knew who she was.......

One of our staff Francisco Jorge  Cu, is also a musician and Tae Kwon Do Teacher....well this week-end he was playing piano down at the Sand Bar on Medano Beach, he started to play and noticed two girls sitting at one of the tables, just like tourists with their large Mexican sombreros, that had just finished dinner. They stayed listening to the music, then the waiter came over with one of the girls, who was a bit shy, she sat down next to Francisco who began to play Fly Me to The Moon, she told him that she loved music and started to sing along, excusing herself for not knowing all the words, but improvising and singing the same melody, Franciso was totally shocked by her voice, which was incredible. He noticed that she was a Brit, a sweet and shy girl with a huge voice. After she left the waiter came over and said "Do you know who that was", Francisco did not know and he was told that she was Joss Stone.....very few Mexicans  know who she is but all were impressed with her voice. We heard that she is staying at Capella, Cabo's latest luxury enclave.

Watch Joss Stone performing here: