Saturday, May 28, 2011

Great Fishing This Memorial Day Weekend - Why Aren't You Here?

Cabo is a bit quiet this week-end which is a shame as the fishing is outstanding, the weather beautiful and the town and beaches uncrowded.
Today we saw some excellent fishing, such as that enjoyed by Neil Nelson & Dean Hilde fishing with their sons, from Bosie Idaho. They were out on "C Rod" with Captain Abel, who was sure to make the kids feel welcome, but then all of our captains are great with kids and get a kick out of introducing them to big game fishing.  They ended up with two striped marlin released estimated at 120 and 140 lbs and  a 100 lb pilot shark released. Again the pictures tell a better story of their experience than words can....they sure look like happy campers.

It won't be long before this cute little guy will be able to handle  a marlin all on his own.

Another boat that did well was "Rebecca" with SIX STRIPED MARLIN released today with weights ranging from 110 to 170 lbs all caught on live caballito at the 11.50 spot - the busy anglers were almost an all girl team from  Houston Texas, Crystal and Jade Porter, Lauren, Helena & David Thomas, who they may have brought along as a bodyguard....we can't work out why there were so many guys around when these pics was taken......

Dorado Now Showing Up in Fair Numbers

It was nice to see some dorado showing up, giving anglers something to bring aboard and take home, or to have cooked locally. Not only many boats catching doardo but pretty much all are also releasing striped marlin. Art Whittlesey from Washington state, took his daughters fishing aboard "Ruthless" and had a fabulous time releasing two striped marlin and boating two dorado; one caught by Kendell Whittlesey from Bellvue.  The fish were caught at the 11.50 spot on live bait. The larger dorado was close to 45 lbs.

Jack Rosenblum from New York fishing with friends and family had a fun time on "Yahoo", releasing one striped marlin and boating four nice dorado, seven miles from Cerro Colorado....enjoy the pics below.
Art Whittlesy with his daughters had a great day.
Yahoo did well for Zack Rosenblum from New York, they released one marlin and boated four dorado.
Captain Ricardo Escamilla of Yahoo shows off the largest of four dorado caught aboard his boat.

Art Whittlesy from Washington State with a nice 45 lb dorado caught on Ruthless

Well Known British Actor Robson Green Does Cabo

Robson Green is a household name in the U.K but not quite as well known in the U.S. Robson became a household name during his four year spell as Fusilier Dave Tucker in Soldier, Soldier. A performance of Unchained Melody in an episode of the drama launched him and co-star Jerome Flynn onto a short, but successful, pop career - this one song was at number one in the British charts for seven weeks. His recent TV credits have included Trust, Grafters, Reckless and Rocket Man. Most of our U.S clients will not have heard of any of these programs but a lot when asked, said they  had heard of his fishing show Extreme Fishing, which airs on cable in the U.S.A and Mexico. This week we had the privledge of taking Robson fishing and hooking him up with his first striped marlin, one of four caught aboard "Tracy Ann" on May 25th. Cabo came through as always - deserving it's name of Marlin Captial of the World. We found Robson and his whole crew to be charming, down to earth and fun. They came over to Captain Tony's next to the Pisces office the night after fishing for some delicious fresh tuna prepared many different ways. They had a LOT of fun as the photo below attests to.

The Extreme Fishing Crew, Robson Green the presenter is the one holding the fake dorado, second row, third from the right, Pisces founder Marco Ehrenberg, our very own dockmaster Mario BaƱaga second row, first on left.

Great News, Fishing Picks Up!

Cabolero had a fantastic day fishing on May 25th fishing at the 95 spot in the Sea of Cortez releasing four striped marlin for anglers G. Clatworthy & Alan Brooks from Perth, Australia fishing with friends Pipa Cummins & Robert Wiltenoon from Cabo San Lucas.