Sunday, November 21, 2010

Latest Fish Report : Overall Catch Success Rate 100%

November 13th to 18th, 2010

Overall Catch Success Rate 100%

BILLFISH: The fishing is still hot in Cabo with every single boat catching something giving us a perfect score this week. Marlin were thick off of Land’s End with nearly every boat catching, giving us a billfish success rate of ninety one percent. One of the best days was on November 16th for Mike and Beth Fraser from Lake Charles, LA they released fifteen striped marlin at Gaspareño on the Pacific side and also boated two dorado aboard “Cabolero”. The next day Tim and Lucy McCulloch from Oregon had a busy day catching and releasing thirteen striped marlin aboard “Bill Collector” with the fish taking live mackerel. On the 16th “Tracy Ann” did a great job for Ross Donahue from Spearman, TX with twelve striped marlin released. A day before, “Falcon” also had twelve stripers released for a group from Oregon; they also caught two dorado for dinner. Our long time clients Dennis & Clyde Trendel from Boston, MA fished with friend Glen Kish and did very well aboard “Tracy Ann” on the 14th, with ten striped marlin released at the Golden Gate. “Tracy Ann” was again the hot boat of the week with a total of 45 striped marlin released Wow, congratulations to the crew! On the 16th Anders Lundgren, Peter Palsson and Robert Gabruelsson from Sweden released nine striped marlin aboard “Rebecca” at the same area. On the 15th “Bill Collector” had a great day for a group from Florida with nine striped marlin released, six dorado, one 45 lbs wahoo and three jack crevalle; well done! Gerald Richmond from Key Largo, Fl did well also with nine striped marlin released at the Golden Gate aboard “Rebecca”. Looks like we may be heading for a repeat of the amazing marlin numbers we had in 2008. Our total fish count was 307 striped marlin and one sailfish this week.

OTHER SPECIES: Dorado catches are still good with fifty seven percent of our boats catching between one to fourteen fish, with a total of 121 fish caught. One of the best days was on the 18th aboard “Valerie” for Jerry and Eileen Walker from Idaho they caught fourteen dorado at the Golden Gate; they also released three striped marlin and caught a wahoo. These same clients had another excellent day on the 15th with twelve dorado; with some kept some for dinner – as if this wasn’t enough they released four striped marlin! This same day James and Marilyn Wright from Alabama caught eight dorado aboard “Tracy Ann”, with live bait being the way to go. They also released six striped marlin. Kenneth Kratsch and Monica Mohler from La Quinta, CA caught seven dorado aboard “Yahoo” at Las Margaritas; they released six striped marlin as well. Tuna catches are still slow, as striped marlin has been the main attraction for our anglers. Only the “Tracy Ann” caught tuna this week on the 17th for Dave Adamson and friends from Nampa, ID they caught twenty four football size yellow fin tuna at 32 miles out of Cerro Blanco; they still had time to release three striped marlin. We had a few wahoo catches one was on the 17th for Dave Henderson from Edmonton, Canada aboard “Ruthless” they caught one 40 lbs wahoo at Migriño and released four striped marlin and caught one 35 lbs dorado. A day before, “Ruthless” again caught a 40 lbs wahoo for Ben Miles, Paul Hinton, Jane Murdock from Houston, TX; they released three stripers as well. For other catches we had roosters, Spanish mackerel, needle fish and jack crevalle.

WEATHER CONDITIONS: Clear, sunny skies, seas mostly calm, a little bit cool in the morning and at night.

LOCATION: Pacific Side - Golden Gate, Lighthouse, Los Arcos, Migriño, Gaspareño, La Ballena, Pozo Cota, Elias Calles, Margaritas, Cerro Blanco, Cerro de Arena

Sea of Cortez: Punta Gorda


BEST LURES; Cedar plugs, tigrillo, petrolero, green, red/black, green/yellow, guacamayo, huchis, pink, purple

For live bait mackerel, caballito and ballyhoo

Based on the catches of Pisces by Ale Almada & Tracy Ehrenberg.