Saturday, October 31, 2009

Big Tuna On Target for Upcoming Tournament

On October 30th, the 32 ft Cabo Bill Collector took out Gary Geringer from Wichita, Kansas who got more than he expected when he hooked into a huge tuna, 30 miles out from Land's End. The fish took green and yellow lure and took just under an hour to land on 50 lb test...back at the dock the stocky fish weighed in at 220 lbs. Gary also got a smaller 45 lb tuna and 15 tuna from 18 to 35 lbs, of which he released on earth would he have carried all those fillets home... so this is a good sign for the tuna tournament coming up in the week.

Andale Gets a 475 lb Blue Marlin!

It is a question of being at the right place at the right time. Andale fished the Bisbee recently and despite catching striped marlin didn't hook up to a blue, this fish would have taken the whole tournament.... Pictured here is Michael LaPorte from Massachussets, who took two hours and 15 minutes to boat this large fish on 80 lb test, aboard the 60 ft Mikelson "Andale" with Captain David Marquez on October 30th.

Fish Report Oct. 22 to 28,2009


OCTOBER 22nd to 28th, 2009

Overall Catch Success Rate 97%

BILLFISH: This week we saw the marlin catches nudge up a couple of percent again with thirty four percent of boats catching marlin or sailfish. We are still seeing quite a few blue marlin…..more than were present during the tournaments over the last couple of weeks, maybe because the water temperature is around 84 F, down from the 90's, so perfect for blue marlin and a bit warm for striped marlin, which despite this still outnumbered the blues. "Ruthless" was our top boat with four blue marlin this week, way above an average catch for this species. On October 22nd they had two blues in one day, both between 200 and 300 lbs , plus three dorados, at the Golden Gate for Alan Chaplin from Sudbuy, in Suffolk, England - making him our angler of the week and catching him as he put it "the fish of my life. Please thank the crew aboard Ruthless". On the 24th they released a blue taken on a Petrolero lure again at the Golden Gate for Martin Walsh from Mobile, Alabama. The last blue of the week for "Ruthless" was caught by a ladies group from Texas, consisting of Cindy Burney, Sandra Brooks, and Lynn Baker, once again at golden Gate on their hot petrolero lure; they also caught seven dorado. "Bandito" had two blue marlin this week, the first on October 25th for Billy & Michael Buckingham from Jacksonville, Florida; they had a particularly good day, as they also released a striped marlin and boated a dorado. "La Brisa" released a blue marlin around 250 lbs taken on a black & red lure close to Golden Gate and also caught fourteen dorado closer to Cabo at Gaspareño for Derek Zimmel, John These, Steve & Tom Sprint. There were fair number of striped marlin but interestingly they were found closer to Cabo near the Old Lighthouse and Los Arcos, with live bait the best way to get a hook up. Pisces anglers caught a total of 32 billfish this week consisting of 17 striped marlin, 6 blue marlin and 3 sailfish.

OTHER SPECIES: Dorado were again the number one catch in Cabo this week with sixty three percent of boats catching between one and eighteen in a day (many released); our total count was 274 fish. Most dorado are on the Pacific between Land's End and Golden Gate with weights averaging 20 lbs. Yellowfin tuna catches were good with forty four percent of charters catching between one and ten fish; top tuna boat was "Cabolero" with twenty three in one day. Weights were average with very few over 40 lbs and some up to 90 lbs…so it looks like they are saving them for next week's tuna tournament put on by Western Outdoor News, set for November 5th and 6th. This years' tournament looks set to be good with close to 80 entries already registered and several tuna over 200 lbs reported in the last month bode well for the event. Roosterfish have started to show up in good numbers and are up to 25 lbs currently. Just one wahoo this week, small at 40 lbs. The only other catches were bonita inshore.

LOCATION: Pacific – Land's End to Golden Gate.

WEATHER CONDITIONS: Spectacular….clear skies, sunny, daytime air temps between 77 and 82 F, flat seas; everything is beautiful and green…causing quite a few people to go into full blown hay fever.


BEST LURES: Live bait for striped marlin, cedar plugs for tuna, green/yellow lures for dorado, petroleros and red/black for blue marlin.

Based on the catches of Pisces by Tracy Ehrenberg

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Bisbee Tournament Payouts

1st Place Mi Novia blue marlin 375 lbs Total Winnings $436,602.00
2nd Place Extraction blue marlin 305 lbs Total Winnings $559,362.00
1st Place Release Division Team Ole Ole 1 blue marlin (on time) $33,150.00
2nd Place Release Division Team Carpe Diem 1 blue marlin $11,475.00
3rd Place Release Division Team Reata del Mar 1 blue marlin $6,375.00

As you can see the second place fish won more money, this was because the monies were rolled over from day two when no qualifying fish were caught; this team entered the following daily jackpots $200, $500, $1000, and the $2000.
Mi Novia was entered in the same jackpots. Neither boat was entered in the $5000 or $10000 daily jackpots.

Bisbee Final Results

So the big event is over and just two qualifying fish were weighed during the three days of fishing.
Largest fish was Mi Novia 375 lbs next was a 305 lb, aboard Extraction, both were blue marlin.
I went down to the marina last night to see the awards, but was kind of surprised as there were no tables or chairs, just a crowd standing around the stage, mixed with the general public. Usually a dinner is laid on for the participants with local dignitaries invited. I heard Wayne Bisbee say " Well we are not having a dinner tonight, because everybody says my food sucks anyway" seeing as there was no place to sit we didn't stay and will wait for the breakdown of the monies to be published hopefully today.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Bisbee Lines Out in 40 Minutes......Fish Weighed

We have just heard of another qualifying fish being weighed in for the Bisbee.
305 lbs blue marlin aboard Extraction a 48 ft Ocean. Captain Hiram Montaño. We do not know which jackpots they are in so cannot put a value on the prize they may win....but there is still 23 minutes of fishing time to go and more fish may be coming to the scale.

Day Two Bisbee Report

The second day of fishing saw zero fish come to the scale. So that means the lead fish is still the 375 lb blue aboard Mi Novia. All monies from day two roll over to today the last day of fishing, if there is a fish larger than this 375 lb'er and the team landing it has entered all the jackpots the fish caught today could be worth $1,343,170.00

Friday, October 23, 2009

Day One Bisbee Report

Ninety four teams competed on day one in the world's richest Billfish Tournament, but only one qualifying fish i.e over 300 lbs was brought to the scale by the team aboard "Mi Novia" headed up by San Diego native Bryan Miller. The fish took a 15 lb live yellowfin tuna and for obvious reasons the angler is not saying where, taking 23 minutes to boat the 375 lb blue marlin on 130 lb tackle. The fish is worth $232,000.00 for taking top honors on day one.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Tragedy on First Day of Bisbee

There were a good number of entries for this year's Bisbee Black & Blue Jackpot Tournament, totaling 94 all together. However, just 30 minutes after the shotgun start a boat was reported as being in trouble. The Bottom Line, 50 ft Hatteras was on fire off of Palmilla and then we heard she had sunk. We know the owner and crew of the Bottom Line well and talked to them when they came back on the rescue boat seems like this was a freak accident. They were running at 35 knots then slowed down to 30 knots, when the captain noticed a sudden drop in power. The gauges were not showing overheating engines, but then they lost all power. Captain T.J Dobson, orginally from Oklahoma but now a naturalized Mexican citizen, put the boat in neutral and told his deckhand to open the engine hatches, which spewed out a cloud of black smoke. T.J immediately called for help on the radio whilst simultaneously grabbing the fire extinguisher. A boat close by "Sneak Attack", sped over and the anglers transferred over. T.J tried to battle the blaze but even the automatic fire safety equipment in the engine room wasn't enough and the smoke was so thick within two minutes that the crew couldn't see anything and had to abandon ship to save their lives. The boat burned furiously and then sank before the eyes of her horrified owner and crew. Owner Mike Menas from Illnois lost his passport, credit card and even his wedding ring and that was just his personal items. This team were dazed, sad and in shock when we saw them a couple of hours after the incident. This was a professional team, the boat was well maintained the captian is one admired by his peers both American and Mexican alike, in fact they just took 2nd place on Sunday in the Bisbee Offshore and first place in last years' Tuna Tournament. They were told that their entries would be refunded but were later told the rules did not allow this. So tomorrow they will be going out again, aboard a boat loaned by a kind hearted local, John Moon , a 50 ft Viking, "Fearless", which we hope they will be. It would be fantastic if they went on to win the the tournament after going through this... .we're pulling for you guys.
You can see photos here scroll down to see the the ones relating to this story.

Someone is Watching Out for Us

Wednesday Oct 21st 5.45 PM

Everybody breathed a sigh of relief to see the back of Hurricane Rick. Lives, boats and homes were safe and as if to prove it a beautiful rainbow was seen in the sky....this photo shows an incredible scene of the rainbow, touching down on the cross set upon the aptly name Hill of the Cross looking over the working class neighborhood of 4 de Marzo . I just happened to glance over my shoulder on the way home from work and slammed on the brakes when I saw this, jumped out of the car and blindly snapped a couple of pictures. I couldn't see a thing with the glare in my eyes, but the result was very cool.

Tracy Ehrenberg

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bye Bye Rick

Monday October 20th, 7.22 PM

After a stressful few days of uncertainty we are now saying goodbye to Hurricane/Tropical Storm Rick...Cabo was once again spared a powerful storm and we did not even get Tropical Storm conditions, but we really appreciate the rain. As usual when there are clouds we had an incredible sunset...wish you were here but a lot of people cancelled....sigh, well somebody has to stay here and take these photos of the beautiful sunset we had tonight.

Hurricane Rick Update No #7

Tuesday October 20th 9.38 AM

Thankfully the track of what is now Tropical Storm Rick has moved further south, leaving Cabo just on the edge of the cone of the storm. Nevertheless it has been raining softly since 7.00 pm last night. We did get heavier rain around 3.00 AM but right now it has slowed to consistent, soft rain, no wind and partly cloudy. No waves to speak of on the Pacific but the Cortez side is another story. It is not the height of the waves which is a problem, even though they are at times as big as ten feet, but rather the surge, after the wave breaks, which is going all the way up the beaches to the footings of hotels on the main beach. Yesterday afternoon a 16 year old Mexican boy was swept into the sea on Medano Beach when he was too close to the waves and was drowned. The town is in good but soggy shape and the storm should be at its' closest poing by 11.00 pm tonight. We expect to be fishing Thursday or Friday.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Hurricane Rick Update #6

Monday Oct. 19, 8.43 pm

Hurricane Rick continues to turn more toward the Mexican mainland and is projected to pass just to the south of Cabo. Winds are now down to 85 MPH and it is moving NNW at 7 MPH. A hurricane watch still remains in effect for Cabo at this time. Here are some images from today...the smallish waves on the Pacific, the calm in the marina and the slightly flooded Pabellon Cultural or Cultural Center being constructed behind our building, in what used to be the biggest free parking lot in town.

Hurricane Rick Update #5

Monday October 19th, 3.21 PM

Hurricane Rick is taking it's time....and we can feel a change in the air; it is not as humid and there are some patches of blue sky, peeking through the clouds. Rick continues to decrease in strength as the outer westerly edge hits dry air and maximum winds at this time are 100 MPH, located 325 miles from Cabo. The waves on the Cortez side are still big but they are actually smaller now on the Pacific, than they were this morning, a clear sign that the storm is turning towards the mainland and will probably skirt Cabo giving us Tropical Storm type weather, rather than a hurricane, which is great news. The Bisbee Tournament set to start on Wedenesday will be postponed with fishing taking place Thursday and Friday. Here is the latest photo from our office where you can see that the weather is a bit brighter.

Hurricane Rick Update #4

Monday October 19th, 1.14 pm

Hurricane Rick has weakened and winds are now at a maximum of 105 MPH. After a dry morning it has just start raining pretty heavily...but there is no wind. It is hard to see the cruise ship clearly (see photo) that is in port. A note to our clients...the port will be closed Tuesday and Wednesday but will probably open Thursday October 22nd best case scenario and Friday October 23rd at the latest. Yes, we are having a hurricane, which is weakening, but there is no need to cancel unless you are fishing on Wedenesday or Thursday. Fishing is usually great after a storm and the sun comes out in no time. If you want to reschedule please phone or email us. In regard to boats being pulled out; this is something we like to do as a precaution so that the crews can sleep well and be with their families. Boats go back in the water the day after the storm.
We will keep you updated

Hurricane Rick Update #3

Monday October 19th, 8.13 AM

Between 6.30 and 7. 20 am this morning we had a taste of what is to come. Heavy rain fell for awhile and wind picked up to about 25 MPH, with some thunder and more lightening. We all thought "wow it's here already"...but this was just an isolated outer thunderstorm. Right now threre is not a puff of wind, it is not raining and seas on the Pacific are around 5 feet. We are still working on trying to get out boats out of the water.

Hurricane Rick Update #2

Monday October 19th, 5.50 AM

As of the last advisory from the National Hurricane Center, Rick is currently located 365 miles to the SSW of Cabo with winds of 125 MPH winds, which means it is a category three, additional weaking is predicted over the next day and the forward motion has now slowed to 10 mph. A Hurricane Watch has now been issued for Southern Baja, which means hurricane conditions are "likely" in the next 24 to 36 hours. So at this stage they are not 100% sure if the hurricane will hit Cabo directly. The storm is expected to turn more to the right and thenturn more NNE, or the way I look at it, towards the right and mainland Mexico. From what I see on the map and they have the red line a little below Cabo, but not by much, whereas yesterdy in the morning they had it directly on top of that's a glimmer of some better news. Right now there are lightening flashes every few seconds or so, far out to sea, it' too dark to see the waves but we can hear them and they sound big. With every flash of lightening it's as if Rick is saying "I'm coming" in a menacing way. The port has just been closed. We would like to pull our smaller boats out, BUT due to roadworks the main boat ramp in town is closed and all the streets are up in the downtown area, we are now on a mission to see how to make this happen. It has just started to rain quite heavily and the wind is picking up.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Hurricane Rick Update #1

Sunday, October 18th, 2009 4.23 pm

We have begun to get phone calls from alarmed clients concerned about what is on the news in regard to Hurricane Rick. At this moment in time we say it is too early to tell. Right now it is stifling, hot, humid weather. Seas were dead calm this morning but we now have big waves, some crashing half way up the arch, but the port is open and boats are fishing. The storm is currently about 500 miles from Cabo and has weakened slightly, it still very strong, with winds of 160 mph, making it a category 5. It is moving towards the WNW at 14 mph, the forecast track has is passing over Cabo late Tuesday night....BUT neither a hurricane watch or warning has been called for as of yet. The hurricane is expected to weaken further as it approachs land but it must be monitored closely. Pisces will make a decision tomorrow as to whether we pull our boats our or not, that is all of trailerable size, up to 31 feet. We will keep a very close eye on this and update the blog regularly.
Tracy Ehrenberg

Saturday, October 17, 2009

One Angler Two Large Fish, Some Controversy at Los Cabos Billfish Tournament

Pisces Fish Report
October 8th to 14th, 2009
Overall Catch Success Rate 96%
BILLFISH: We had an exciting week in Cabo with the first tournament of the season taking place, the Los Cabos Billfish…despite a slow economy 42 boats entered this well organized event in its’ eleventh year. First day of fishing was a wash due to Tropical Storm Patricia with the Port being closed, so the event was shortened to a two day schedule, with fishing on Thursday and Friday only. First day of the competition saw a local captain and one with an impressive tournament record, take top honors with a 486 lb black marlin aboard “Choyero”. Captain Tony Nungaray is a Cabo legend with wins in every type of tournament and at least two Bisbee first places. Not long after Team Choyeros´ fish was weighed we heard that another fish, a black marlin had been boated and would be brought to the scale…in other words it was over 300 lbs or it would have been released. This team was aboard “Bandit” and consisted of Corey Myer, Captain Tommy Neikirk, Kevin Nakamaru, Rich Hamilton, Eric Grenin and previous Bad Company angler Anthony Hsieh , who was part of the team that took the highest ever tournament win of four million dollars in Bisbee a few years ago. In fact we would go as far to say that Anthony is considered a professional angler, who has come up in the ranks in the last ten years, with win after win leading to the respect of the other competitors. Team Bandits' fish came to the dock and was weighed in at 451 lbs, a black marlin that took him just thirteen minutes to land. So this looked like a battle of the giants, Captain Tony Nungaray, with the 486 lb fish caught by Greg Grosut and the 451 lb’er by Anthony Hsieh. We were all pleased that Tony did well with his team, as it’s been awhile since we’ve seen him on the winner’s podium, so we were shocked in the evening when rumors started to circulate that the fish had been disqualified. However, after asking around it seems that the tournament director made the call after watching video of the fight. In this tournament IGFA rules are adhered to with one exception, if during the fight an angler gets tired and cannot continue he can hand the rod off to a fellow team member. This is what happened, but instead of a clean hand off, directly into the hands of the other angler, the rod was rested on the gunnel of the boat and also set in the rod holder, causing the disqualification… expensive lesson in learning to read the rules correctly. No other qualifying blue or black marlin were weighed this day, but our very own “Get Over It” did the best in striped marlin released and also weighed a couple of tuna at 113.90 lbs for Alyson Eberle and a 127.50 lb’er for Dan Wheeler, who also released a blue marlin. Second day of the competition saw something unheard of happen, team “Bandit” again with angler Anthony Hsieh called in another black marlin, which back at the scale weighed 550 lbs, which took twenty three minutes to boat making them the clear winners. We cannot remember when an angler took two fish so large in a tournament. Anthony is obviously doing something right and bears watching. A notable catch in the tournament was a huge yellowfin tuna for team Karma and angler Steve Spina from Malibu, California taking him just 38 minutes to boat the monster 336 lb’er. Awards are set for Saturday night so we will bring you details of the payouts later. In regular non-tournament fishing anglers also had a great time with a ninety six percent overall catch success rate for all species combined. Nevertheless billfish catches were on the slow side with twenty five percent of boats finding marlin or sailfish. We were pleased to welcome Allied Energy group from the east coast to Cabo where they did a mini tournament usually held at Cape Cod; it was great to meet so many friendly people who were a lot of fun…we hope they will be back next year. Dorado totally dominated the catches this week. The port was closed for two days October 13th and 14th which was a disappointment to anglers that had traveled a long was to fish and weren’t able to reschedule. One of the more notable catches was for “Bill Collector” with Mark Chiavetta from San Jose, California aboard, with a blue marlin released and four tuna and two dorado boated. “Andrea” had two sailfish released and boated six dorado for Dale, Don & Shelby McNeil from Townville, Michigan. Other anglers that had busy days were Chris Helms and friends aboard “Get Over It” on October 9th for a striped marlin, five dorados and a wahoo. Pisces anglers caught a total of 21 billfish this week, consisting of 12 striped marlin, 1 blue marlin and 8 sailfish.
OTHER SPECIES: Dorado were thick off of Land’s End this week with eighty three percent of boats catching from one to twenty fish. Our finally tally was four hundred nine for this species. “Andale” did well to catch sixteen as well as boat a 60 lb wahoo for Jeff Wiederkehr and friends from Huntington Beach, California. Doug Hart from Rosenberg, Texas was pleased with his catch of sixteen dorado and a striped marlin released aboard “Cabolero”. Yellowfin tuna catches were fair with eighteen percent of boats catching fish from 15 to 80 lbs. “Rebecca” had some nice 80 lb fish 30 miles south of Cabo for Paul Koch and friend from Fort Lauderdale. We had some wahoo catches again this week with weights between 20 and 60 lbs.
WEATHER CONDITIONS: Rain off and on for three days, Skies partly cloudy, seas rough.
LOCATION: Mostly the Pacific from Land’s End to Golden Gate, but usually closer than the Gate; some boats went 30 miles south in search of tuna, 95 spot, a few boats went to Punta Gorda on the Cortez side.
BEST LURES: Live caballito, green/red, red/black, petrolero, yellow, cedar plugs.
Based on the catches of Pisces by Tracy Ehrenberg

Thursday, October 15, 2009

And They Are Off!

Today was the first day of the Los Cabos Billfish Tournament, the day dawned to beautiful weather, sunny skies and calmer seas. Forty two boats lined up by the arch and roared off at 7.30 am after the flare, shot gun start was given by the State Governor Narcisco Agundez. What is really impressive about this tournament, is their live, real time scoring, so anbody anywhere can keep up with what is going on. Truthfully we are blown away by it gives you a list of the boats, shows photos of the boats, lists the anglers and what they are catching or releasing. Check it out here

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Bye Bye Patricia

October 14th, Wedns. 2.23 pm
Tropical storm Patricia has now been degraded to a depression and that is what she left anglers as, because the port was closed this morning. We awoke to winds of about 20 to 25 mph, no rain, but lightening out on the ocean, every three seconds or so, lasting three hours. The port has just been re-opened though and boats are venturing out to check conditions. Last night was the check in for the Los Cabos Billfish Tournament and they reported 37 teams as signed up with more possibly coming in today. Today was supposed to be the first day, but with the inclement weather, the event has been reduced to two days of fishing. We had a great time at the check in seeing familiar faces of crews, owners and clients, plus people fishing this for the first time. Pisces gave a gift to each team of "The Incredible Sea of Cortez", a beautiful hardcover book detailing the golden age of Baja and with photos of places and icons that made this place what it is. It's cool to see how the Hotel Hacienda was contructed and the Hotel Cabo San Lucas, both now gone...let us know if you want a copy.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tropical Storm Patricia Update #2

Tuesday, Oct. 13th 2.23 pm
We had quite a bit of rain last night off and on but zero wind. This morning at 6.30 it was totally calm no rain, no wind and you could see the stars. Anglers were chomping at the bit, lunches were all made and ready to go and THEY CLOSED THE PORT! Yes it was raining a bit, but then the sun came out, seas are calm and we couldn't go fishing....honestly it was rougher yesterday. So now we have to scramble to reschedule boats and anglers and take a loss on everything that was prepared for today such as lunches. Right now though we are getting ready for the check-in for the Los Cabos Billfish Tournament, which will be at 4.00 pm today. The captain's meeting will be at 6.00 pm. Numbers of entries are expected to be down somewhat due to the economy. However, Pisces has a great gift for each team, we will giving them a brand new copy of Gene Kira's "The Unforgettable Sea of Cortez", a book that we sponored the publishing of for its second edition. This book is truly a treasure and we couldn't bear to see it disappear. On Amazon we saw copies from between $50.00 all the way up to over $600.00 so this truly is a much, sought after book. It describes and shows in pictures the Baja of yesteryear, even the contruction of now gone icons like the Hotel Cabo San Lucas, with Bud Parr the developer pictured with other Cabo locals when they were much younger. The book is available through Pisces and we encourage you to get a copy.

Fish Report Oct 1-7 2009

Overall Catch Success Rate 99%
BILLFISH: Small game catches again outnumbered those of billfish this week, but we are not complaining, as anglers had plenty to keep them busy…all anglers out caught fish, unless they got seasick and came back early or were fishing a panga close in. Seas were on the rough side this week but fishing was good. “Andrea”, one of our 28 ft standard cruisers caught a 325 lb blue marlin on October 5th six miles out from Golden Gate and boated a couple of dorado too, angler Ed Anglin (apt name) took two and a half hours to bring the fish to the boat on 80 lb test, fishing with Don Posner both from Shreveport, Louisiana. The only other blue marlin for us this week, was a tantalizing 500 lb’er released by “Get over It”, out on a practice, pre-tournament day, so hopefully they can find this same fish again later this week. “Yahoo”, 42 ft Bertram was one of our best boats this week; on October 2nd they caught three striped marlin at Migriño as well as seven dorado for Jeff Thomson & Richard Diaz from Arizona, fishing with Matt Murphy from Tampa, Florida. A few days later this same boat released two striped marlin and boated a 44 lb wahoo and two dorado, close to Golden Gate for Joe Mayer, Tracie & Henry Spradlin from Quincy, Illinois. Another notable catch was on October 6th, aboard “Valerie”, 35 ft Bertram who released a sailfish and a striped marlin as well as boating four dorado. The reason we mention these billfish catches, is that they were better than average, as just twenty nine percent of charters managed to hook up to billfish, the rest loaded up on mostly dorado and some tuna. Again we fished almost exclusively on the Pacific with live bait usually the ticket for marlin and sailfish though they did take lures too; it was just hard to locate the billfish. Pisces anglers caught a total of 21 billfish this week, consisting of 15 striped marlin, all but two released, 5 sailfish and 1 blue marlin.
OTHER SPECIES: Dorado was the number on catch this week with a total caught of 371 for our anglers. Close to ninety percent of charters caught between one and twenty fish, ranging in size from 18 to 50 lbs. Top boat was 31 ft Bertram “La Brisa” with twenty in one day, though it should be noted that many dorado are being released in keeping with Fish and Game quotas (yes we do have these in Mexico and they are checking in Cabo). The dorado are taking both live bait and lures, with the green type lures working well as well as guacamaya colored lures. There were dorado close by near Gaspareño as well as far up as Golden Gate. Wahoo catches were pretty good again this week, with more charters finding wahoo than tuna….thirteen percent of charters caught wahoo up to 44 lbs. The only boat with a doubleheader on this species was “Ruthless” on October 3rd, for Kevin & Gary Lowe from Sacramento, fishing with Dan Lawrence & Ken Walden from California –their wahoo were 30 and 40 lbs and they also got a couple of dorado. Tuna catches were much slower this week with just nine percent of charters catching three or four fish in the 20 to 70 lb class.
WEATHER CONDITIONS: Skies partly cloudy, seas slightly rough on the Pacific.
LOCATION: Land’s end to Golden Gate
BEST LURES: Green/yellow, guacamayas, petroleros for wahoo, live bait.
Based on the catches of Pisces by Tracy Ehrenberg

Monday, October 12, 2009

Tropical Storm Patricia

1.21 PM Monday, October 12th
With tournaments approaching, such as the Los Cabos Billfish, anglers are nervously keeping an eye on the weather. What started out as a tropical depression as few days ago has now become a tropical storm. As we speak Tropical Storm Patrica is 245 miles south of Cabo moving NW at 8mph with 50 mph winds. So what are we experiencing?
Right now nothing much, we have had rain since yesterday, at times very light and mist like and then a few downpours, all much appreciated. Strangely the Port Captain who usually closes the port if somebody sneezes, let the boats go out today. It has been rough and one of our boats came back by 10.30 am with anglers that felt queasy, though they did get four dorado. So it looks like more rain today and wind and rain tonight. At this stage we don't expect it to affect the Los Cabos Billfish Tournament set to start fishing on Wednesday. If the port is closed, the tournament will probably go to a two day format, though organizers will confirm that.
You can see actual conditions in real time via our webcam