Saturday, July 31, 2010

Latest Fish Report


JULY 22nd to 28th, 2010

Overall Catch Success Rate 88.3%

BILLFISH: After a stupendous report last week, things dipped down a bit this week. Catches were not as good, mainly due to greener water moving into the area and the temperature dropping somewhat, sending the fish in search of better conditions. So we had a few slow days with things starting to now rebound somewhat, with bluer water. The bait being used is not ideal; mullet, which although a very hardy bait, living longer in the bait well, is not the first choice of marlin, who prefer mackerel, scarce at this time. Still striped marlin was the number one catch in Cabo with fifty three percent of charters catching between one and three marlin in a day, with a few sailfish mixed in. Those boats that did get “skunked” usually saw fish but couldn’t get them to bite, or hooked up but couldn’t register true a release, with the fish mouthing the baits only, or not staying on the line for very long. Best day was July 23rd, when “La Brisa” released two striped marlin and a sailfish at the 11.50 spot, all on live mullet, for Benjamin Comeskey from Austin, Texas fishing with Evan Stuller & Lauren Hendrickson from Dallas, Texas. This same day, “Tracy Ann” had an enviable day releasing three striped marlin on live bait, boating a beautiful 50 lb dorado and a 20 lb tuna for Ben, Emily and Jane Barnhill from South Carolina. Not to be left out “Valerie” caught three striped marlin at the 11.50 spot too, for Jorge & Antonio Arteaga from Chula Vista, Ca. Pisces anglers caught a total of 27 billfish, 24 striped marlin all but one released and three sailfish, all released. As we write this the East Cape Bisbee is underway…where the water is quite a bit warmer….and the unofficial second day results are in as follows: 1st Dreamweaver with a 581 lb black marlin, 2nd Cowboy VII with a 377 lb blue and 3rd La Negra with a 366 lb blue, day three results are still not in, but we shall know shortly who won…check our blog for an update

OTHER SPECIES: Dorado catches were in second place after marlin this week with twenty nine percent of boats catching between one and five fish, with some as large as 50 lbs, like the one caught on “Tracy Ann” on a petrolero lure. Others ranged from 18 to 30 lbs and took a combination of live bait, green and petrolero lures- found from the 11.50 to Punta Gorda. Tuna catches were at twenty three percent with catches of between one and seven fish. “Attitude Adjustment” had the largest tuna of the week a 70 lb fish on July 26th, plus two others around 30 lbs at the 95 and 11.50 spots for the Jove family from Miami, Florida. What we did get excited about this week, were the roosterfish; we had several really large ones; Michael White & Bryan Norther from Houston Texas, landed a 48 and 56 lb rooster each respectively aboard the panga “ Sirius” as well as a hammerhead shark, which they released on July 27th, off of the Old Lighthouse. This same day “Rebecca” had 40 and 50 lb roosters two miles of the Old Lighthouse for Safdar Sajjad from Los Angeles, Ca…..mullet might not be so popular with marlin, but they are just about the favorite food of big roosterfish. The only other smaller game we had was a few jack cravelles and a couple of cabrilla.

WEATHER CONDITIONS: At the risk of sounding like a broken record….the weather is still off….much cooler than normal on the Pacific, we also had a surprise thunderstorm and some rain on Sunday. Cortez side is warmer but not as it should be. Skies mostly clear and sunny, seas calm.


BEST LURES: Live bait, green, petrolero, cedar plugs.

Based on the catches of Pisces by Tracy Ehrenberg

Safdar Sajjad and family from Los Angeles, Ca