Saturday, November 06, 2010

Final Standings W.O.N Jackpot Tuna Tournament 2010

The fishing part of the Tuna Tournament is over and to be honest a very successful tournament took place. With 118 teams, this is the tournament with most entries in Cabo this year. This tournament is really a lot of fun and although there are some great cash prizes, it is really more about having a good time, entering a tournament and being part of a group who love fishing, Cabo and of course catching fish. This year weather was on the rough side both days but a lot of catches were produced. Thirty-eight qualifying tuna were weighed in, with twenty six over 100 lbs, making this a tournament record for big fish.

The second day was exciting and heartbreaking as each fish that came in was the biggest, giving the anglers a high and boosting their spirits as they counted their winnings in their heads, that is until the next boat pulled up with a fish… that topped theirs and so it went throughout the day, with…pretty much each fish was bigger. The climax came when Reel Deal, showed up with good friend and local businessman John Pentz aboard, making it just under the wire, of the scale closing at 6.00 pm with what turned out to be the winner a 208 lb fish….John was jubilant, he has been in this tournament many times and was thrilled to finally take top honors. Second place angler Dick Landfield is from Yorba Linda and a part time Cabo resident for over 20 years. Team aboard Shambala were the winners of this tournament two years ago for angler Mike Menas from Idaho and the team aboard Karma, were the top anglers in 2006 with a 316 lb tuna for angler Jamie Greer from Dayton, Ohio..

John’s fish will be worth $116,500.00 tonight at the awards banquet.

These are the final standings and payouts:

FIRST PLACE: 208 lbTuna: Reel Deal Total Winnings $116,500.00 includes optional jackpots.

SECOND PLACE: 192 lb Tuna: Reel Quest Total Winnings $4,600.00 did not win any jackpots.

THIRD PLACE: 182.4 lb Tuna: Fishtales Total Winnings $2,300.00 not entered in jackpots.


180 lbs Afishonado Day One $500 & $1000 pots: Total Winnings $44,600.00

133 lbs Day One & 140 lbs Day Two: Shambala $3000/$10,000 day one $10,000 Day Two Total Winnings $57,200.00

158.30 lbs Day Two Minerva V $3000.00 & $5000.00 Total Winnings $63,200.00

167.70 lbs. Day One Karma $2000.00 & $5000.00 Total Winnings $70,800.00

WAHOO DAY ONE: 34.8 lbs Marea Total Winnings $32,000.00

WAHOO DAY TWO: 56.8 lbs Mucho Bueno Total Winnings $32,000.00

DORADO: No qualifying fish weighed in.

First picture shows the 208 lb tuna caught by local businessman John Pentz aboard Reel Deal at Gordo Banks....this fish is worth $116,500.00 . The second photo shows the biggest wahoo of the tournament 56.8 lbs aboard Mucho Bueno for angler Scott McPherson, wins them  $32,000.00. The third picture shows our very own Shambala did great in the tournament, the only boat to weigh in three fish over 100 lbs.

Winner of the tournament tells how they did it...

Did you have friends fish in this tournament and want to see how they did? Check out our register of all fish weighed in. Remember this are fish WEIGHED IN, many smaller tuna were released as well as dorado and striped marlin. Weather today is much better, in fact Valerie hooked up a 200 lb Tuna today….a day too late.