Sunday, April 24, 2011

Swordfish & Marlin - Latest Update

APRIL 17th to 22nd, 2011


BILLFISH: We were very much encouraged to see a climb on marlin catches this week, in fact forty-seven percent of our charters caught striped marlin, this is right on schedule with what scientists told us months ago, that fishing would pick up as the La NiƱa current comes to an end in the latter part of April. Nevertheless before we even talk about marlin catches, we need to report something even more of a prized catch, the broadbill swordfish. What does a state governor do when he leaves office? Why, he goes fishing and this is exactly what now ex-governor  of Baja California Sur,Narciso Agundez did with his sons last week-end. He was aboard the locally famous “Fisherman” fishing an area between San Jose and the East Cape known as Vinoramas, his group didn’t have a particular plan so they started off close to shore and caught nine groupers up to about 15 lbs, they then hooked and fought a striped marlin to the boat, later in the day around 3.30 pm they spotted a swordfish on the surface, which appeared to be sunbathing. This was a bit odd as it is of common opinion that they like colder, greener water and they were in an area of 74.9 degree water. They cast dead bait to the fish; it ate half then lost interest. They had no bait left but a boat passing by on its way home, handing them some small mackerel; they quickly cast this to the swordfish, who teased them for over 15 minutes, mouthing it, letting it go, mouthing it again until finally it decided to eat it. This resulted in a solid hook-up and an hour later they had a 250 lb swordfish on board. One of this fishing teams usual partners was not on board this day, feeling a bit miffed, Daniel Fisher, headed out to the same area the next day in search of a swordfish too, as he was not about to be outdone. Well, Daniel is a legendary fisherman here, and he also found a swordfish late in the day at almost 6.00 pm, this one was bigger though and it took him two and half hours, with the sun beyond the horizon, before he could get his on board; this one weighed 348 lbs. There are fishermen who fish their entire lives without getting a swordfish, so this is quite an amazing feat. In marlin news we have starting single double and triple marlin days for some boats, on the 17th Matt Rainwater from Fort Worth Texas, released three close to Punta Gorda aboard “Bill Collector” – Matt actually ended up with seven striped marlin for his four days fishing, which was low for him. I’m afraid we have spoilt him in the past with phenomenal bill fishing so this was considered a slow week for him, not there was anything we could do. He had been reading the reports, knew the conditions and took a risk any way. He’s over it now and sent us some truly amazing photos. Another boat with a triple marlin day was “Adriana” on April 20th with Gerardo & Alicia Cruz from Thousand Oaks aboard, who along with friends Xochitl & Antonio Catellan did well to fight these three fish around the 140 lb mark, caught with both ballyhoo and caballito at the 11.50 spot. “C-Rod” rounded out the week with three marlin for Howard & Jennifer Harris, Tammy & Brice Brolles from South Lake, Texas - all released. Pisces anglers caught a total of 25 striped marlin this week, all released except two.

OTHER SPECIES: Small game catches have certainly sustained our reputation as a fishing destination over the last couple of months. With absentee marlin catches, the slack has been taken up with great yellow-tail fishing, this week no exception for fish up to 30 lbs. We also had good catches on sierra close to shore, plenty of skipjack, some pompano, triggerfish, amberjack and cocinero jacks.

WEATHER CONDITIONS: It’s like we have two distinct climates right now, the Pacific and the Sea of Cortez. The Pacific has been cold and windy early morning and in the evenings. The Sea of Cortez on the other hand has been relatively calm with some ground swell the last few days.

LOCATION: Sea of Cortez 95 spot, Palmilla, Punta Gorda, Destiladeres. Boats on half days opted for the area near the Old Lighthouse up to Margaritas on the Pacific.


BEST LURES: Live bait or dead ballyhoo for marlin, though some took lures also, inshore hoochis, rapalas and strip bait.

Based on the catches of Pisces by Tracy Ehrenberg

In This Photo Ex-Governor Narciso Agundez right, Sons Christian & Narciso Jr. Left
shown with their 250 lb sworfish

This photos shows Daniel Fisher with his 348 lb Swordfish

This Magnificent Shot was taken by Matt Rainwater aboard Bill Collector

Shark Whisperer?

Below you will find a video that we thought was very cool, so we want to share it with you.

We especially like the music (always Tracy’s favorite with the Mariachi bands) and if you understand Spanish you will know why the producer chose this particular song.

It starts off by saying “What beautiful eyes you have below those brows, they want to look at me, but you won’t allow them even to blink (in the video this refers to the unblinking eyes of the sharks)”. It then goes on to talk about a girl from Malaga, Spain, who is a beautiful enchantress who is bewitching; which is what the girl in the video does to the shark- puts it in a trance.

Just watch to see what she does. This is very well filmed and as stated above the music suits it perfectly.