Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Walking around the marina..

We couldn't resist this cutie.....this little jack russel was hanging out at the marina having a cold beer with his owner. He was really friendly and willingly posed for the camera.

Latest Fish Report

May 16th to 26th, 2010

Overall Catch Success Rate 86%

BILLFISH: A lot of marlin were seen in Cabo these past few days, but that doesn’t necessarily meant that a lot were caught. In fact the start of the week was very slow for billfish, though Matt Rainwater from Fort Worth, Texas, did pretty well aboard “Bill Collector”. Matt released his first striped marlin of the week, three and a half miles out from Cerro Colorado on a live caballito and then went on to boat a 50 lb wahoo which took a petrolero lure and three tunas between 30 and 40 lbs that took cedar plugs on May 20th. This same day “Tracy Ann” reported that they had seen seven striped marlin but could not get them to bite. Next day out Matt Rainwater released another striped marlin just two miles off of Cerro Colorado again on a live caballito and on this same day “Great Escape Junior” fishing four miles out from Cabeza de Ballena and Santa Maria saw fifteen marlin that they threw bait too, but just couldn’t get them interested. Matt wasn’t finished though; he went onto release one more striped marlin, this time on May 23rd, just two miles from shore and also got two tunas. It is a good sign that more marlin are being spotted as it means catches will start to increase and we know that they are in the area. As the week progressed we began to see more marlin catches. “Tracy Ann” had two up to 140 lbs plus one tuna for Sean Bohannon & Carrie Grimes from Washington D.C on May 26th two miles from Cerro Blanco and “Andrea” released one this day for a group from Salt Lake City. “Andrea” did well to hook up two striped marlin at Cabeza de Ballena for the Mac Colby family from Atlanta, Ga...one released and the other one 140 lbs died. “Great Escape Jr” released a striped marlin in the same area and also caught an 86 lb hammerhead shark for Erol Onyuru and the McLean’s from Dallas, Texas. Twenty-eight percent of Pisces charters caught marlin this week all on live bait, generally close to shore on the Cortez side. Our total marlin count was thirteen with eleven released.

OTHER SPECIES: OTHER SPECIES: The top catch again this week was yellowfin tuna with fifty one percent of boats catching between one and fifteen fish up to 40 lbs. Cedar plugs and feathers worked well with tuna found both on the Pacific and Cortez side. “C Rod” was the top tuna boat with fifteen and one dorado caught off of GaspareƱo for James Little and friends from Folsom California. “La Brisa” had a very nice wahoo weighing in at 65 lbs for Mark Hendrix from Houston, Texas, caught on an orange rapala just one mile out from Santa Maria; he also caught two football size tuna in the same area. Charlie and Sidney Wilhite, Westmonroe, Louisiana caught a 65 lb hammerhead shark aboard “Andrea” three miles off of the Old Lighthouse plus the slightly larger one, mentioned above. Dorado catches were slow with just five taken by our boats. Rooster fish action was fair and there were a few amberjacks and jack crevalles too.

LOCATION: Cerro blanco, two miles, Santa Maria, Chileno, Cabeza de Ballena, off of the Old Lighthouse.

WEATHER CONDITIONS: Quite windy, with whitecaps on the Pacific all week, forcing the boats to concentrate on the Cortez side. Skies sunny.


BEST LURES: Live bait, cedar plugs, petroleros.

Based on the catches of Pisces by Tracy Ehrenberg