Monday, October 15, 2012

Rain Has Stopped & It's Looking Clear Over the Mountains

A Couple of Rain Pics

We have heard from Robin on the East Cape and she has power and internet back which is great. The rain continues, though it is not super hard, but is persistant.  Photo 1 shows, downtown Cabo the boat launch ramp.
Photo 2 is just outside town; you can barely see the Pacific, everything just looks grey. Pretty cool how the raindrops were caught in mid flight. Looks like this might last a day or two but fishing should be really good afterwards and even during. Fish don't mind the rain, it's people that do.

Its Raining in Cabo

It's raining in Cabo and has been for the last twelve hours. What started out as light rain has now turned into a steady drenching rain. The port is open this morning, but the Port Captain has already said he will proably close it this afternoon. Hurricane Paul is located a litte over 500 miles to the south east of us, but is not predicted to come this way but rather make landfall further up the Baja, nevertheless, it looks like we are in for a lot of rain. Friends have reported by cell phone that they are without power and internet on the East Cape. This is the weather page we use, as it has a lot of information. Scroll down to see all the different formats of report and keep checking along with us