Saturday, May 02, 2009


Adriana and the Pisces Staff,

Virginia Thompson and I, Dave Sharninghouse, want to thank you and your staff for making our first Cabo fishing trip on 4/22/09 a big success! From the sweet rolls at the dock in the morning to the cleaning of our catch on the return, it was a great experience. Speaking of experience, Captain Julia and first mate Ernesto on the TRACY ANN, did an outstanding job of getting us on fish and talking us through the landing of the fish. We ended up with 1 marlin, 2 dorado, and 7 yellow fin tuna. The dinner at Alexander's with our fresh catch was awesome!
When we left the dock Ernesto was great at explaining what to expect and was very professional in his dealings with us. He kept the boat immaculate and neat. I told my friends that you could have eaten off of the floor it was so clean!! Please relay my thanks to the crew of the TRACY ANN and give Fernando a nod too.
Thanks for everything and being more than gracious with all of my inquires. Dave Sharninghouse/Virginia Thompson


La Paz, B.C. Sur, April 28, 2009


The Secretary of Tourism in Baja California Sur, Alberto Treviño Angulo, informed that the State is free from this virus.

Baja California Sur is free from the swine flu virus; to this date there are no records whatsoever of confirmed cases, and not even the slightest suspicion of the presence of the virus in this State.

The Secretary of Tourism in Baja California Sur, Alberto Treviño Angulo, added that local residents, as well as all national and international visitors, may remain in and travel to the tourism centers in the State with the assurance that there are no influenza cases in this area.

He stated that those tourists who are planning to visit our resort destinations may do so with the complete certainty that in Baja California Sur there are no cases of swine flu that may pose a risk to their health, and that the health authorities are working to keep this situation under control.

During the Tourism Expo held here, Alberto Treviño informed that the tourism sector in Baja California is working with the certainty that there is no record whatsoever of the presence of this virus in the State: from Guerrero Negro to Ciudad Constitución; from La Paz to Todos Santos and from Los Barriles to Cabo San Lucas.

Treviño Angulo added that the tourism industry in Baja California Sur undoubtedly represents one of the main engines of the economy in the State, and this is in great part the result of the joint efforts of businessmen in the field, the society in general, and the government.

In consequence, today more than ever, in Baja California Sur we are all working together, and will continue to do so in a responsible manner in furtherance of a better tourism development in our State.

The Secretary of Tourism reiterated that in the State of Baja California Sur there is not even the slightest suspicion of the presence of this virus, and added that the health authorities actually sent ten samples of patients undergoing a common cold to laboratories in Mexico City for their respective analysis, and in every one of said cases the results were negative.

However, Alberto Treviño explained that general precautions are being taken as a preventive measure, this being the reason why there are preventive supervision activities in the maritime, terrestrial and airport terminals.

In addition, activities have been suspended in all private and public schools, and it is recommended to avoid attending massive events in enclosed places.

Alberto Treviño commented that as a precaution measure, the health sector has sufficient medication to cure this disease and 120 special reagents in health centers and hospitals in Baja California Sur, and reiterated that the State of Baja California is free from the virus.