Monday, March 12, 2012

Fishing Update

March 3rd to 9th, 2012
Overall Catch Success Rate 70%
Another Large Striper for the Rebecca
BILLFISH: This period we had a big moon all week, causing a bit of a downturn on marlin catches, nevertheless there were days when they were found close in to shore, at times less than a mile offshore near the old lighthouse. Thirty seven percent of boats managed to catch and release between one and three marlin in the 130 to 160 lb class. The big moon meant the fish had more hours to feed and not be as hungry during daylight hours and bait was not their absolute favorite with the majority being caballito rather than mackerel. “Rebecca” was the hot boat, releasing three stripers on March 7th for Robert Ellis from Boston, Mass. Incredibly they caught all of their fish just one mile from shore on Jurelito, an even less favorable bait. This same day “Tracy Ann” released two in the same area for from Peter Hooshmand Australia, fishing with Sherminen Oftadeh from Vancouver, in the 140 to 150 lb class. “La Brisa” also had two marlin this day caught with mackerel in the same area for Alex Danis & Robert Tellier from Prevost, Canada. We had lots of other boats with a single marlin giving us a total of count of twenty two fish, all released. With the moon now waning we should see an increase on catches
OTHER SPECIES: We got really excited about a hot tuna bite, but it didn’t last.  We found them between 13 and 22 miles off of the Old Lighthouse, but they only stuck around for a couple of days.  “Tracy Ann” caught fifteen on feathers and cedar plugs for the Moors and Elerts from Frederic, WI in the 10 to 20 lb category, which kept them busy and gave them something to take home. “Adriana” had a perfect day on March 5th with a striped marlin released, one 20 lb dorado and six tunas caught by Larry and Karen Fuller from Vashou, Washington. This same day “C Rod” had an interesting day for Ray & David Watts from Birmingham, Alabama, when they were fishing ten miles out from the Lighthouse, catching eight yellow fin tuna and three mako sharks up to 40 lbs that took live bait. Thirty five percent of boats caught tuna with catches ranging from one to fifteen fish per trip. Dorado catches were very slow with just four caught for our fleet. The yellowtail fishing was still happening but nowhere near as good as last month. The only other catches were of skipjacks the odd sierra and triggerfish.
LOCATION: Old Lighthouse, one to eighteen miles, Los Arcos, San Jaime.
WEATHER CONDITIONS: Clear, sunny, flat seas, beautiful
BEST LURES: Live bait, cedar plugs, and feather.
Based on the catches of Pisces by Tracy Ehrenberg