Friday, November 15, 2013

In Memory of Jerry Dotson -This Letter Moved Us All

This email we received today really moved us all...thanks Kim for sharing.
"Sorry it took so long to post a review but I was able to do that today. We enjoyed fishing with you guys and would definitely book with you again.
I recently just f...
ound out that my dad went on a fishing trip in March 3, 2006 and booked the Andrea with you guys. Oddly enough we happened to book the Andrea with you guys too last October, without even knowing. What makes this so meaningful is my dad passed away December of 2012 after struggling with Stage 4 tongue cancer for 9 months. It makes me wonder if he wasn't right there with us encouraging the fish to take the bait. Its incredible to think that my dad sat in the same spot 7 years ago. It amazes me to think of how small the world really is and little things really do mean a lot. I have attached the bill fish foundation release certificate with my dads name, Jerry Dotson, on it.
Another amazing thing that happened on the boat was my boyfriend of 7 years proposed to me, even while he was feeling a lil under the weather.
Anyways just thought I would share these wonderful memories with you.
Thanks again,
Kim Dotson"