Thursday, March 24, 2011

Latest Fish Report

March 12th to March 18th, 2011

Overall Catch Success Rate 75% For All Species Combined

BILLFISH: Marlin catches are steady this week with twenty seven percent of our boats releasing striped marlin. Top marlin boat this report was “Adriana”; they did a good job on the 12th for Ken Ciardiello and son from Connecticut releasing a total of three striped marlin between 120 to 130 lbs at Punta Gorda on the Sea of Cortez. On the 15th, Bryce Weempe and friends from Texas had a great day too, as they were fortunate to release two stripers estimated between 140 to 150 lbs this time a little bit closer, at Cerro Colorado; they also caught two football size yellow fin tuna – hooked with cedar plugs. This same day but on the other side, at the Golden Gate, on the Pacific, Stephen and Andrew Seifert from Appleton, WI released one striped marlin about 160 lbs aboard “Rebecca”; they boated one tuna for a nice sashimi dinner. On the 18th, Rick Mully and friends from Canada released one striped marlin aboard “La Brisa” and boated eight yellow fin tuna between 20 to 25 lbs which took cedar plugs. Pisces anglers had nineteen striped marlin this week.

OTHER SPECIES: Dorado catches were on the slow side this week, with just a couple of boats making it back to the dock with yellow flags flying. On the 12th, “Ruthless” caught a 30 lb dorado for Richard Borsch and friends from Calgary, Canada they then went on to release a striped marlin as well. Both fish took live caballito. This same day James Marigliano and friends from Dallas, TX, landed a 30 lb dorado aboard “Great Escape Jr”; they went all the way to the Cabrillo Sea Mount, where they did well to release a striped marlin in the same location. Tuna was the top catch of the week, with thirty four percent of boats catching between one and twenty fish. Most of them were “football” size (12 to 25 lbs) though some were a little larger at 40 lbs, now and then. Top tuna boat this week was “Tracy Ann” who on the 17th had Stacy Douget from Sweeney, TX aboard. They boated a total of twenty yellow fin tuna, thirty five miles out from Jaime Bank on the Pacific side; the fish took cedar plugs. On the 12th, “Tracy Ann” scored again, this time for Denise and James Wind from Long Beach, NY with a total of nineteen tuna between 20 to 25 lbs as if this wasn’t enough James was very lucky to go on to release his first striped marlin at Punta Gorda. On the 16th “La Brisa” had a great day for Tore and Don Kragerud from Las Vegas, NV they had plenty fillets to take back home as they reeled in fifteen yellow fin tuna from 25 to 30 lbs; they took a combination of lures, nevertheless they had to head out a way; thirty six miles out from Cerro Blanco. This same day, Greg and Tamara Ukranichuk from British Columbia had a busy day with twelve tuna from 15 to 40 lbs, twenty two miles out from San Jaime. On the 12th, “Valerie” landed a dozen tuna as well for Gary Allison from Henderson, NV; the fish took a combination of cedar plugs, feathers and hoochis. William Jungersen went out fishing with captain Ricardo Agundez on March 17th and landed ten 20 lbs yellow fin tuna aboard “Great Escape Jr”. Sierra catches are still on, with seventeen percent of our boats catching these little guys. Anglers who focused inshore did well catching sierra, sea bass, bonitas, skipjacks & lady fish.

As to other species, we also had one mako shark on the 16th aboard “C-Rod” for Michael and Cheri Judge from Iowa; the fish was successfully released and it was estimated on 150 lbs. Earlier in the day they had caught a skipjack and decided to save it for bait, guess who got it? ….Yep the shark.

WEATHER CONDITIONS: Clear, sunny skies. Mostly calm seas with a few choppy days, great weather overall.

LOCATION: Pacific Side – Golden Gate, Migriño, Old Lighthouse, Cerro Blanco, Margaritas, Gaspareño, Cerritos, Elías Calles, San Jaime, Los Arcos

Sea of Cortez – Chileno, 95 spot, Punta Gorda, 11:50 Spot, Santa Maria, La Playita, Barco Varado, Chileno, Cabrillo, Destiladeras, Cabo Real


BEST LURES; Cedar plugs, rapalas, hoochis, tigrillo, purple, blue/white, feathers

Live bait: caballito, ballyhoos, sardine

Based on the catches of Pisces by Ale Almada & Tracy Ehrenberg.