Thursday, October 14, 2010

Record Double Large Fish First Day of Los Cabos Billfish Tournament

Well we told you that there were BIG fish here in Cabo and in the week's leading up to tournament season we have reported large fish, such as the 780 lb'er caught aboard "Shambala" a few weeks we are into our first major marlin tournament of the season and the proof is in the pudding so to speak. Yesterday, Wednesday dawned with perfect big marlin weather....seas a deep blue mostly calm, and a light chill in the early morning. Thirty seven boats lined up off of the arch to await the shotgun start of the Los Cabos Billfish Tournament, now in its twelth year. The night before at the anglers meeting I had bumped into the guys from "Fisherman" the hot boat and team of the moment, a group of local guys from San Jose del Cabo and told tournament director Dan Jacbos, "these are the guys to watch; they are serious" and guess who pulled in with the biggest fish of the day....well yes, hate to say I was right, but it was team "Fisherman" with an incredible 713 lb black marlin for angler Daniel Fisher-Guerreo, which took him, believe it or not, just 32 minutes to boat. It was crazy, but "Sneak Attack" had also hooked a very large blue about 15 minutes after "Fisherman" had theirs on board and at this stage  nobody knew the the "Sneak Attack" guys  were probably thinking they had it was a really big fish, the kind that wins took angler Shawn Gutterson and team 77 minutes to subdue the fish and get it into the boat. They took off for the scale were the fish registered 629 lbs, they also relesed a striped marlin.  I do not remember two such large fish coming in on the same day in a touranment....but let's wait and see how the monies pan out, as there are many optional daily jackpots and the largest fish doesn't always get the largest prize it depends on what optional jackpots they entered. So we are now onto day two of this three day event and anglers have a daunting task before them to try and top either of these fish, but there are release divisions as well as dorado, tuna and wahoo. Total tally so far for the tournament is:
1 black marlin
7 blue marlin
30 striped marlin
2 sailfish
3 tuna and 2 wahoo
Photos show top two fish from day!

Ahem.....The Tuna Tournament is Next Month Ken......

Ken Eberle from The Woodlands, Texas caught this beautiful 260 lb tuna on Tuesday seven miles out from Solmar. The fish took a blue and white trolling lure and took 40 minutes to boat on 80 lb test. Ken was thrilled and called us to tell of his catch, saying he was on the way back.....little did he know that he would be detained by an approximately 350 lb blue marlin on the way in that he successfully released. Not a bad day of fishing....shame he caught this Tuna a month early; this would have definitely been a money fish in next month's Western Outdoor News Tuna Tournment. There have been a LOT of big tuna just click back through out blog posts to see and start researching areas, methods etc to get ready for next month.

Pictured here is Ken Eberle aboard Auriga with his catch and also a photo of the lure that the tuna took.