Thursday, October 18, 2012

Pisces Bill Collector First Place So Far 483 lb Black Marlin

Pisces Bill Collecter caught a 483 lb black marlin today, the only billfish weighed in at the Los Cabos Bill Fish Tournament on the first day of competition...way to go Captain Julio! First place so need to look so serious, you guys just won around $50,000.00 - shown here angler Jim Glass on left, captain Julio on right.
Another beautiful fish to come in today was this large yellowfin tuna that weighed 227 lbs took angler Alan Stewart just ELEVEN minutes to boat after it took a like bonito aboard Wild Hooker.


A Few Pics From the Last 12 Hours

There is no better place to live than Cabo, the scenery the people, THE FISHING here are a few pics taken in the last 12 hours.
We had a get together at Captain Tony's on the marina, next to the Pisces office, just to say thanks to our crews and to wish them the best for the upcoming season. New Pisces shirts were distributed and it was great family time together. The crews are the backbone of Pisces and we think they are the best.

A beautiful sunrise this morning, for the first day of the Los Cabos Billfish Tournament, which had 37 entries.

This was snapped on Cabo San Lucas street by the church, an unusual site in downtown Cabo today. These guys had come from Rancho Guacamaya to take part in a "Cabalgata" which is like a pilgrimage on horseback with a lot of particpants; these guys had lost the rest of the group.