Thursday, December 23, 2010

Year Production Results 2010 - Fish Success

Last week we had our annual Christmas get together for the Pisces crew. This is to share some time from our busy schedules and to remember and recognize what the key to our success is  -namely the captains and mates. It is a great time of camraderie, tacos, tamales, singing and fun. We also award the crews based on their production throughout the year, with awards given for most tuna caught, most dorado caught, most marlin caught and the top prize being, the best overall catch rate, meaning which boat came back most often with fish of any type.  It was extremely close in all categories, with just a decimal point difference between four boats for the top prize.  Results were as follows:
Top marlin boat went to Tracy Ann.
Top tuna boat was Andrea
Top dorado boat was Ruthless
Overall best boat was La Brisa with an 89.53 catch success rate.

The average for the fleet combined was 88.62% which is high - this number was the average chance you had of catching fish with Pisces.

Here are a few photos of the event.
Ady & Ale get into the swing of things with the band

Ale, Tracy & Ady Pose for the camera

Enrique - this guy normally fillets the fish, but is handy with a violin as well as a knife.

Top Tuna Boat was Andrea, shown here are Orlando and Abram recieving their prize.

Next up were Beto & Leon from Ruthless for top dorado boat.
 Top marlin boat for the second year in a row was for Julio & Martin from Tracy Ann
 And the winners were...Salvador & Rey from La Brisa

Fish Report

December 10th to December 17th, 2010

Overall Catch Success Rate 83.79%

BILLFISH: The billfish catches have not been as good as we would like them to be and we are still waiting for the winter weather to start, which hopefully will tempt marlin closer as water temperatures drop nearer to the ideal that they prefer. Boats have reported seeing striped marlin, but getting them to eat was another story. This prompted anglers to go in search of the more cooperative species of tuna and dorado. Just two boats were fortunate to release billfish this week. One of them was “C-Rod” on the 11th for Daniel Rodriguez and Neil Hoyos from California; they released one striped marlin and were lucky to catch three nice yellow fin tuna between 40 to 60 lbs. “Cabolero” released one striped marlin at the end of this report for Rob Lyn, Isaac Chavoya and Aaron Brady from Dallas, TX; in addition to this they caught six yellow fin tuna and one dorado.

OTHER SPECIES: Dorado catches were fair with twenty nine percent of our boats landing between one to nine fish. The best day was on the 11th, when “Rebecca” boated nine dorado between 20 to 25 lbs for John Little and Lisa Nylund from Castle Rock, CO and Michael Arzewski from New York City. This same day “Adriana” also caught nine dorado for Marvin and Jennifer Shirley and friends from Tulsa, OK; they boated six yellow fin tuna as well. Tuna catches have provided entertainment to our anglers being the number one catch this week with sixty three percent of our boats catching between one to twenty one fish. Top tuna boat was “Tracy Ann” with twenty one tuna for Tamara and Lance Million from Palmer, Alaska; they found a school at ten miles out from the old lighthouse on the Pacific. Chris Tisornia from New Cannon, CT and John Meserve from New York City had a great day aboard “Attitude Adjustment” on the 11th, boating eighteen yellow fin tuna in the 20 to 30 lb class; they went to San Jaime bank. “Rebecca” on the 14th caught eighteen tuna too for Arle Long and Anni Hakman from San Antonio, TX. On the 11th, Steve Dick from Phoenix, AZ and Robert Schwab from Seattle, WA were busy boating fifteen tuna between 15 to 40 lbs; the fish took a combination of lures. Cameron Clements and Ben Liebetrau from South Carolina had lots of fillets to take back home as they caught fourteen yellow fin tuna between 20 to 40 lbs aboard “Adriana” on the 14th. Our total tuna count was one hundred and eighty nine fish. As to other species we had some rooster fish, wahoo, yellow tail and Spanish mackerel.

WEATHER CONDITIONS: Clear, sunny skies, seas mostly calm, cooler mornings.
LOCATION: Pacific Side - Golden Gate, Los Arcos, Migriño, Gaspareño, La Ballena, Old light house, San Jaime, Cerros de Arena, Herradura.
BEST LURES; Cedar plugs, tigrillo, green, red/black, green/yellow, feathers, red/orange, petrolero, rapalas, hoochis
Live mackerel, ballyhoo, caballito
Based on the catches of Pisces by Ale Almada & Tracy Ehrenberg.