Friday, August 20, 2010

Mike and Ginger 10th Wedding Anniversary..

Mike and Ginger Slover celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary with a memorable fishing trip.

They had reservation on a different vessel, the day before and had a few problems, so they switched to the 38ft Blackfin“C-Rod” with Captain Abel .

They started early in the morning, everything was pretty quite when one of the reels started zinging and the line began disappearing really fast as the captain screamed “hook up, hook up!” as a huge exploding out of the water 150 feet from the vessel.

Mike jumping into the fighting chair and started pumping the fish; the line was disappearing so fast from the reel, that captain Abel started back down on the fish, to give the angler a hand.

To make a long story short, they had the fish to the boat, five times, with the mate taking a hold of the leader….but the fish was strong and a fine opponent. The fish had taken a live bait on 40 lb test at 1.00pm, finally after five hours the fish, won, leaping one last time and snapping the line. It was hard to judge the exact size of the fish, but it was close to 800 lbs….but that’s not all….while Mike was working on his marlin, wife Ginger brought in a 120 lb pilot shark in just ten minutes. Both fish were caught 8 miles out from La Playita.

Please find below some pictures of their exciting trip.

Congratulations on your anniversary!