Monday, September 01, 2008

Mexican Traditions

This past Thursday was grandparents day in Mexico. Most elderly people live with their children, but there are some old people that are abandoned by their families or they simply don’t have the resources to take care of them. In cases such as this, if they are fortunate, they end up in the “Asilo de los Ancianos”, which is supported by donations. We visited one of the old people’s homes in La Paz, where each grandparents day, is celebrated in style, with singing, dancing, gifts given by the Lion’s Club and they even pick a “Queen of the Elderly”. Seen here is Doña Mary, being crowned by the Governor’s wife; she is in her 90’s and looked very elegant in pink. This brings back memories of their youth and makes them feel very special. The queen is chosen by voting amongst her peers. She gets to sit on a special throne and be the center of attention. Though she told me she wasn’t going to keep that dress on all day, it was too hot.