Saturday, March 03, 2012

Fish Report

February 25th to March 2nd, 2012
Overall Catch Success Rate 65%
February 28th, aboard Rebecca, one of four marlin released
BILLFISH: Although the overall catch success rate was lower this week due to less small game being caught, fishing did actually improve for billfish. We had the best marlin fishing of the year so far with many boats with double and triple marlin catches in a day. Top boat though was “Rebecca” on February 28th with four striped marlin released, as well as a blue shark for Ross Eremko, Cory Bogath, Candace Stadnicki & Ben Hellervik all from Calgary. The caught all their fish on live caballito at the 11.50 spot. This same day “Adriana” fished the same areas and managed to release three striped marlin, on live mackerel for Daniel Lavalle from Appleton, Wisconsin. Felix Gomez, from Santa Monica, Ca managed to release three marlin aboard “Yahoo” and be back in the harbor before 2.00 pm. Two anglers from Missouri caught three marlin aboard “Valerie” also at the 11.50 spot; well done to Ken Hagan & Brad Gordon. These were the better catches of the week, though there were plenty of boats that got one or two fish too. There were also quite a few that got skunked, despite being in the right place, namely the 11.50 spot, with the right bait, some fish simply could not be enticed to bite. Forty eight percent of Pisces boats caught marlin this week giving us a total of 28 striped marlin, with sizes ranging from 130 to 160 lbs. All but one were released.
OTHER SPECIES: Much slimmer pickings this week for smaller game, with just two dorado reported and one tuna though we did see some action on smaller bottom fish, as well as a few yellowtail, roosterfish, jack crevalle and bonita. We had two sharks released this week, both around the same size one a blue shark and the other a mako shark.
Of course we are going to release you, don't look so scared, shown here deckhand Luis Cota on the right and Calagary Angler Ross Eremko aboard Rebecca.
Nice shot, marlin is hooked and close to boat, deckhand Luis smiles up at the captain, pleased, fourth marlin of the day -nice sweatshirt too!
WEATHER CONDITIONS: Partly cloudy, seas moderate, calm at certain times of day, then wind picking up.

BEST LURES: Live caballito, live mackerel.

Based on the catches of Pisces by Tracy Ehrenberg

LOCATION: Top spot for marlin was the 11.50 spot on the Cortez side, smaller game were on the Pacific from the lighthouse to Las Margaritas.