Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Largest Tuna So Far of the Year, Caught in San Jose

These impressive photos show a HUGE tuna caught yesterday by a group of Candians, at Gordo Banks. Cabo John, Mike Nelson & Ken Bond took four hours & 35 minutes to reel in this cow on  80 lb test, using a Penn International 30 SW, standing up and taking turns at the fish.  The hook up occurrred at 8.20 am.  First picture shows the thrilled but exhausted group from left to right  Ken Bond from Calgary, John Penny from Toronto & part time Cabo Resident  &  Mike Nelson from Texas,...John told us "It was the most exciting fight ever". The second photo shows the girth of the fish on the fillet table and the third picture is perhaps the most unusual, of a close up of the monster tuna's throat. It is interesting to note that the fish was caught from a super panga, showing that you don't need a big boat to catch a big fish. This is very encouraging for participants of the WON Tuna Tournament coming up next week......they are out there.

Bisbee Prize Money Breakdown

3rd Place :C-Bandit was the top boat in prize money earning $614,613 for third place, due to the different jackpots they enetered.

4th Place Dream Weaver: earned $440,238 due to the different jackpots they entered, across the board.

2nd Day $10,000 Jackpot Winner: Team Tiger Spirit $255,000 after the $10,000 Daily Jackpot rolled over.

1st Place: Team Rehab earned first place tournament honors and $254,905 in prize money.

2nd Place Based on several categories (except the $10,000) , including second place tournament and daily jackpots, team a Reelaxe won $176,530.

Sporty Game took the Day 2 $10,000 jackpot prize. Sporty Game's winnings totaled $127,500.

El Lobo, first place and $37,846 in the release division