Sunday, April 03, 2011

Fish Report Update

March 27th to April 2nd, 2011

Overall Catch Success Rate 85.37% for All Species Combined

BILLFISH: Marlin catches are still rather slow, but our overall catch success rate was up this week. Not a great deal of action on billfish and the majority of anglers decided to go for what was more of a sure thing inshore, for yellow tail or sierra for a nice meal. It was kind of funny to see boats stacked up near the Old Lighthouse on some days as many as forty fishing for yellowtail. Usually when see boats there in those numbers they are fishing striped marlin. Nevertheless we had a couple of lucky anglers who did release billfish. Hot boat this week was “Shambala” who did a great job since they were the only boat on March 28th, to return to the dock with marlin flags after releasing two striped marlin for John Sercu and friends from Seattle, WA – they went out a way; 35 miles close to the 109 spot and the fish took live caballito for bait. On April 1st David Wilkins from Scottsdale, AZ was very fortunate to release another striped marlin aboard “Tracy Ann” with Captain Julio Castro at the Cabrillo spot on the Sea of Cortez. Five percent of boats caught marlin this week our total was three fish.

OTHER SPECIES: Yellow tail was the top catch of the week with fifty seven percent of our boats catching between one to ten fish – most of them were caught on the Pacific side from the Old Lighthouse to Morros Prietos. One of the best days was on the 29th for Erik Johnson and friends from Madison, Wisconsin catching a total of ten yellow tails from 10 to 20 lbs aboard the “Falcon”; the fish took yoyos and they also caught four sierras for some nice ceviche. This same day, “Adriana” had eight yellow tail at the old light house for a group from Fort Wayne, Indiana. “Attitude Adjustment” focused inshore fishing and had a nice mixed bag of seven yellow tail from 10 to 25 lbs, two jack crevalle and one sierra for Doug & Ryan Marquis, Bill & Olivia Douglas & Timmy Burns from Lake Forest, IL; the fish took a combination of yoyos and rapalas. On the 28th “Andrea” reeled in six yellow tail on a half day trip for Abby Bried and kids Cooper and Campbell (10 and 7 years old respectively) – they stayed fairly close five miles out from Cabo Falso. “Valerie” had five 20 lbs yellow tail and two sierra for a family from Chicago, IL on the 30th; the hook ups where at the old lighthouse and were caught with a mix of rapalas and hoochis.

Sierra catches are back, with thirty two percent of our boats catching these little guys. The best day was on the 27th aboard “Rebecca” for a group from New York City boating ten Spanish mackerel and one 20 lbs yellow tail at Los Arcos spot. Dorado and tuna catches were quiet this week as most of our anglers decided to go for the in shore fishing action, where the bite was best.

There were fair amounts of skipjack, jack crevalle and lots of bonita.

WEATHER CONDITIONS: Clear, sunny skies. Mostly calm seas.

LOCATION: Pacific Side – Old Lighthouse, Cerro Blanco, Margaritas, Los Arcos, Cabo Falso

Sea of Cortez – 95 spot, 11:50 Spot, Barco Varado, Cabrillo, 109 Spot, Morros Prietos


BEST LURES: Rapalas, hoochis, yoyos

Live bait: caballito,

Based on the catches of Pisces by Ale Almada & Tracy Ehrenberg.

Rod Cambell and friends from Chicago, IL had a great day aboard La Brisa

Peter Martin from California pictured with a good size sierra caught on the 28th aboard "Ruthless"