Friday, October 03, 2008

Dream come true for Austrian father and son...

Hola Jorge,

i have to apologize for writing so late, but after our 20 h trip home, stress came back quicker than i imagined. Anyways, being home and looking at the outstanding results of our trip on the 21. just makes me forget all the stress in a snap.
We went out on "Tracy Ann" targeting our first ever Marlin.
I couldn't believe my eyes when, just after an hour of trolling, Captain Julio Castro spotted a leaping Marlin and started heading full speed towards him. In the meantime our deckhand, who´s name i lost somehow, fired a live bait in the marlins direction. We could actually see the Marlin turn, speed up, an nail that bait. Just stunning.....
After such a start we kept fishing with big smiles on our faces which got even bigger when my dad stuck into another Striped Marlin just an hour after the first one.
We also kept catching Dorado up to 40lbs till we headed back to the marina.

The next day we had a day off in our schedule, but you know, a fisherman cant get fishing out of his head,... so we decided to let the Pisces - guys organize a Panga for us to fulfill an inshore fishing dream of mine. To catch a Rooster fish. And guess what...... besides 30(!) Dorados we caught a beautiful Rooster.
Once again the crew had great performance.
We´d like to thank everybody at Pisces for making our trip unforgettable. We´ll definitely see each other next year.

Kind regards

Christopher and Cenk Durukal, Austria.

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