Friday, October 18, 2013


Everybody wants to know who our new neighbor is....this beauty just pulled into the marina - 237 FT Alston Marine "Kogo" is named after the wife of the French/Saudi businessman Mansour Ojjeh, who purchased the steel hulled vessel in 2006. ...Mansour is one of the founders of the McLaren Formula 1 racing team. Tabloids have recently linked his daughter romantically with British driver Lewis Hamilton - we have a birds eye view from our office window so will let you know if we see any celebs sneaking about - but then again most people will be over at the scales waiting for big fish to come in.


LCBT No Billfish Day Two, but they are out there

Seeing as no billfish were weighed in on day two of the LCBF tournament we thought we would remind the anglers of what they are supposed to be catching - this great shot of an approx. 400 lb blue marlin was sent in by Captain Brent Rose of a fish released on Sunday by angler Matt Besley aboard Jeta.