Thursday, March 29, 2012

Adriana Top Boat Today

Mario, our dockmaster snapped this picture as Adriana was approaching the dock - flags flying and Pancho our local sea lion in tow. They had a fabulous day at Punta Gorda in near perfect weather conditions. Father and son Jeff and Jay Schreiber from Sandy, Oregon were aboard and manged to release four striped marlin. Two of the fish were caught on lures, one a guacamaya (this is a term for a parrot colored green, orange and yellow) and one on a light green lure. The other two fish were caught on live caballito, which explains why they have bait left over to feed to the lovable beggar Pancho, who offers a great photo opportunity.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Fishing Takes Off Finally!

Girl Power!  Shown here are Danielle, Allison & Kaitlin from Mound Minnesota with their parents pulling into the dock with lots of flags, announcing their catch aboard La Brisa
Yesterday we were thrilled to see boats come back with multiple flags flying, more than we have seen in awhile.  Top boat was Great Escape Jr, for seven marlin released at Punta Gorda on live bait for Robert Owen, Dan Line and Ben Canella from Zophyk Cove, Nevada. Tracy Ann was not left out, as they released four marlin in the same area for Mark Farber from Coral Gables, Florida. La Brisa followed up with three marlin and Andrea two released.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Fishing Update

MARCH 14th to 23rd, 2012
Overall Catch Success Rate for All Species Combined 71%
E.J Widun from Tulsa, Ok released two striped marlin aboard Tracy Ann, shown here with Deckhand Martin Gonzalez -March 19th
Billfish: We are in March, traditionally a slow month for marlin, not necessarily because they are not here but getting them to bite is hard. Scientists think that this time of year may be when they are breeding and spawning and as such feeding is less important to them at this time. Added to this are the blustery winds on the Pacific making it hard for boats to fish and lower water temperatures all contributing factors to lower catch rates this week. On March 19th “Tracy Ann” had a successful day at Destiladeres, releasing two striped marlin for E.J Widun from Tulsa, Oklahoma; both were caught on live jurelito. The only other boat two catch two marlin was “Valerie”, on March 20th, also at Destiladeres for Carolina Fillion and Aldo Lapointe from Quebec, Canada.  Their fish took live caballito and were approximately 130 to 150 lbs. All of our marlin catches this week were on the Cortez side with the majority at Destiladeres on live bait. Fishing a little closer, at the Herradura, “Andrea” , released a striped marlin  on live mackerel and then went on to catch seven large squid, up to 25 lbs on Yoyos for Mark Couvillan from Stockton, California. Twenty seven percent of our boats caught striped marlin this week, giving us a total of eight billfish overall.
Two nice size yellowtail for this happy couple aboard Cabolero
OTHER SPECIES: Small game catches accounted for most of the fleet’s catch this week, with skipjacks, roosterfish, yellowtail, triggerfish and sierra taking up the billfish slack. Although not huge fish, they were a lot of fun, especially the larger yellowtail on light tackle, who prove to be strong on light tackle. One of the boats caught a small hammerhead shark and Les Wexelman from Montreal caught our only wahoo of the week, aboard “Tracy Ann” at Los Frailes – a long way from the Cabo marina.  Only a couple of dorado were caught and yellow fin tuna were on a par with the exception of “Valerie” who landed eleven up to 25 lbs for Paul Potemski from Medina, Ohio at the Golden Gate.
A total of six yellowtail made Cabolero the top boat for this species, which is great eating.
LOCATION: Destiladeres, Los Frailes, Punta Gorda, La Playita – a few boats San Jaime and Golden Gate.
WEATHER CONDITIONS: Windy, seas rough on Pacific.
BEST LURES: Live bait, cedar plugs, green, petrolero.

Based on the catches of Pisces by Tracy Ehrenberg

Monday, March 19, 2012

Fish Report Update

March 10th to 16th 2012

Overall Catch Success Rate 73%

BILLFISH: This week we had some really fantastic catches and then other days where many boat caught nothing. Top catch of the week was by Al Monte from Sutton, Massachusetts, for his 391 lb swordfish caught aboard “Tracy Ann”, whilst fishing with his two sons, they also released two striped marlin and boated six yellow fin tuna, just six miles off of the Old Lighthouse on the Pacific side. Full details were posted on our blog  this catch caused quite a stir. Fisherman can fish all their lives and never get a swordfish, so this one was much appreciated.  This was not Captain Julio’s only good day fishing; he was on a roll this week, with two striped marlin and a wahoo for Royce & Vaden Barrington from Fort Worth, Texas at Destiladeres and another two striped marlin on March 13th for Mason and Danny Stewart from Houston, Texas. “Bill Collector” had a couple of really good days, starting out with four striped marlin released fifteen miles out from Cerro de Arena for Philip Kennedy & friends from Alpine, Texas.  They had three marlin and a dorado just two miles off of the Old Lighthouse for John Thompson, Dave Dazser & Barry Cercone from Seminola, Florida. “Yahoo” was not left out either, with their triple marlin day fishing in the opposite direction at Punta Gorda & Destiladeres for Robert & Grant Williamson fishing with Jacob Dillman from Houston, Texas. I guess you could say it was good week for Texans. Thirty five percent of charters caught marlin this week. It was feast or famine, some days you could get marlin the next hardly any where caught. A lot depended on the weather; we have had some very windy days, typical for March, with gusts up to thirty knots and whitecaps on the Pacific, which meant a lot of boats turned back with sea-sick anglers. The bait situation was not ideal, but it was interesting to see how the captains became more resourceful and managed to catch fish with jurelito (green-jacks) caballito and mackerel. Our anglers caught and released thirty striped marlin and one swordfish.

OTHER SPECIES: We saw a small increase on dorado catches this week with one boat, “El Gallo”, catching six for Kevin Brandes from Illinois, whilst others caught one or two, giving us a tally of seventeen fish, though none bigger than 20 lbs. Yellow fin tuna catches were of the football size and between three and six fish per boat when found, though less than ten percent of charters found them. Yellow tail catches continued but not as frequently as earlier in the month. We saw several kinds of shark caught, blue, hammerhead and mako with the majority juveniles not over 50 lbs.

LOCATION: Old Lighthouse,  Las Margaritas Migrino, Destiladeres, Punta Gorda.

WEATHER CONDTIONS: Super windy weather on the Pacific prevented boats from doing much on some days, which sent them the other direction, but fish were found on both sides. Partly cloudy skies.

BEST LURES: Live bait, jurelito, caballito, mackerel, ballyhoo.


Based on the catches of Pisces by Tracy Ehrenberg

Friday, March 16, 2012

Tracy Ann Does it Again....Wow What a Day -Swordfish, Marlin, Tuna

Tracy Ann backs in with her fat swordfish from left to right: David, Andrew & Al Monte, Martin Gonzalez, Julio Castro
All we can say is WOW, what a day the Tracy Ann had yesterday. We got a call from captain Julio Castro around 1.00 pm on Thursday to say that he had hooked up a swordfish.  Weird, because just that morning, I had commented to a deckhand about the water being a bit green on the Pacific and that there were "perfect conditions for swordfish" and lo and behold the call comes in to say they have one on. Everybody was really excited, first swordfish of the season, not many caught in a year here, maybe in a good year perhaps ten for the whole Cabo fleet. Unlike other destinations we do not fish for swordfish at night, but find them up on the surface during the day. Hate to say it, but we are spoiled, "Why go out at night when fishing is so good during the day?" Honestly, I thought the fish would be one of those smaller start of the season fish, in fact it is rare that swordfish go over 200 lbs here, but as the afternoon wore on and the boat still wasn't back, I began to wonder...."probably a first time angler, struggling to reel it in...or maybe it's bigger than we think". I finally got the call from the dock that they had it on board around 4.00 pm and that they would be back in thirty minutes as they were close by.  We asked the captain over the phone, "How big?" and were delighted when he said 300-400 lbs. Everybody in the fleet got excited and rushed off to the dock to meet the boat, including our other captains who had already gone home for the day.
Al usually flyfishes for striped bass but caught a sailfish once in Guatemala.
The boat was only six miles off of the Old Lighthouse when they hooked the fish, so were back quickly and backed into the dock proudly with their fish and anglers.  As you can see from  the photos, it was a fat fish. I jumped aboard to talk to the angler, Al Monte from Sutton, Massachusetts who was rather dazed after fighting the fish alone for four hours straight.  This was Al's first trip to Cabo and he was celebrating his 60th birthday by going fishing with his two sons David 32 and Andrew 34. I was really blown away to learn this was not their only catch; they had released two striped marlin earlier in the day estimated at 140 and 160 lbs and then went on to catch six football-sized tuna too. It was later in the day when Captain Julio had spotted what he thought was another marlin on the surface. He saw its fin but then it raised his head and he knew it was a broadbill. Deckhand Martin quickly put a live green jack on the end of his line (80 lb test with 200 lb flurocarbon) and cast it confidently, accurately and strongly to the fish, landing about five feet from its bill. With no hesitation it snatched the bait and he hooked it, passing the rod to Al. The boys told me, "We finished the beer really quickly once we hooked that fish," but Al, a project manager for an electrical contracting company soldiered on. I asked him, "Did you ever feel like giving up or handing it off?" to which he replied "nope!" His sons added, "That fish was stubborn, but not as stubborn as our dad." which paid off as he was able to get the fish to the boat. When they gaffed it in the chest, the fish went nuts, almost taking the deckhand out and straightening the gaff in the process but they were able to get another on in it and quickly subdued the prize catch. Back at the dock it took some muscle to get it up on the scale where it registered 391 lbs, so we figure add another 10% for loss of body fluids, which puts it over 400 lbs.
Congratulations to the Monte boys and of course to our captain Julio Castro and his deckhand Martin Gonzalez....they make a great team! If you recall, they are the ones who had a 749 lb blue marlin one day before the Bisbee last year and were also the top release boat worldwide for striped marlin in 2011, according to the Billfish Foundation.
Posted by Tracy Ehrenberg
Proud anglers and crew at the weigh station

Monday, March 12, 2012

Fishing Update

March 3rd to 9th, 2012
Overall Catch Success Rate 70%
Another Large Striper for the Rebecca
BILLFISH: This period we had a big moon all week, causing a bit of a downturn on marlin catches, nevertheless there were days when they were found close in to shore, at times less than a mile offshore near the old lighthouse. Thirty seven percent of boats managed to catch and release between one and three marlin in the 130 to 160 lb class. The big moon meant the fish had more hours to feed and not be as hungry during daylight hours and bait was not their absolute favorite with the majority being caballito rather than mackerel. “Rebecca” was the hot boat, releasing three stripers on March 7th for Robert Ellis from Boston, Mass. Incredibly they caught all of their fish just one mile from shore on Jurelito, an even less favorable bait. This same day “Tracy Ann” released two in the same area for from Peter Hooshmand Australia, fishing with Sherminen Oftadeh from Vancouver, in the 140 to 150 lb class. “La Brisa” also had two marlin this day caught with mackerel in the same area for Alex Danis & Robert Tellier from Prevost, Canada. We had lots of other boats with a single marlin giving us a total of count of twenty two fish, all released. With the moon now waning we should see an increase on catches
OTHER SPECIES: We got really excited about a hot tuna bite, but it didn’t last.  We found them between 13 and 22 miles off of the Old Lighthouse, but they only stuck around for a couple of days.  “Tracy Ann” caught fifteen on feathers and cedar plugs for the Moors and Elerts from Frederic, WI in the 10 to 20 lb category, which kept them busy and gave them something to take home. “Adriana” had a perfect day on March 5th with a striped marlin released, one 20 lb dorado and six tunas caught by Larry and Karen Fuller from Vashou, Washington. This same day “C Rod” had an interesting day for Ray & David Watts from Birmingham, Alabama, when they were fishing ten miles out from the Lighthouse, catching eight yellow fin tuna and three mako sharks up to 40 lbs that took live bait. Thirty five percent of boats caught tuna with catches ranging from one to fifteen fish per trip. Dorado catches were very slow with just four caught for our fleet. The yellowtail fishing was still happening but nowhere near as good as last month. The only other catches were of skipjacks the odd sierra and triggerfish.
LOCATION: Old Lighthouse, one to eighteen miles, Los Arcos, San Jaime.
WEATHER CONDITIONS: Clear, sunny, flat seas, beautiful
BEST LURES: Live bait, cedar plugs, and feather.
Based on the catches of Pisces by Tracy Ehrenberg

Saturday, March 03, 2012

Fish Report

February 25th to March 2nd, 2012
Overall Catch Success Rate 65%
February 28th, aboard Rebecca, one of four marlin released
BILLFISH: Although the overall catch success rate was lower this week due to less small game being caught, fishing did actually improve for billfish. We had the best marlin fishing of the year so far with many boats with double and triple marlin catches in a day. Top boat though was “Rebecca” on February 28th with four striped marlin released, as well as a blue shark for Ross Eremko, Cory Bogath, Candace Stadnicki & Ben Hellervik all from Calgary. The caught all their fish on live caballito at the 11.50 spot. This same day “Adriana” fished the same areas and managed to release three striped marlin, on live mackerel for Daniel Lavalle from Appleton, Wisconsin. Felix Gomez, from Santa Monica, Ca managed to release three marlin aboard “Yahoo” and be back in the harbor before 2.00 pm. Two anglers from Missouri caught three marlin aboard “Valerie” also at the 11.50 spot; well done to Ken Hagan & Brad Gordon. These were the better catches of the week, though there were plenty of boats that got one or two fish too. There were also quite a few that got skunked, despite being in the right place, namely the 11.50 spot, with the right bait, some fish simply could not be enticed to bite. Forty eight percent of Pisces boats caught marlin this week giving us a total of 28 striped marlin, with sizes ranging from 130 to 160 lbs. All but one were released.
OTHER SPECIES: Much slimmer pickings this week for smaller game, with just two dorado reported and one tuna though we did see some action on smaller bottom fish, as well as a few yellowtail, roosterfish, jack crevalle and bonita. We had two sharks released this week, both around the same size one a blue shark and the other a mako shark.
Of course we are going to release you, don't look so scared, shown here deckhand Luis Cota on the right and Calagary Angler Ross Eremko aboard Rebecca.
Nice shot, marlin is hooked and close to boat, deckhand Luis smiles up at the captain, pleased, fourth marlin of the day -nice sweatshirt too!
WEATHER CONDITIONS: Partly cloudy, seas moderate, calm at certain times of day, then wind picking up.

BEST LURES: Live caballito, live mackerel.

Based on the catches of Pisces by Tracy Ehrenberg

LOCATION: Top spot for marlin was the 11.50 spot on the Cortez side, smaller game were on the Pacific from the lighthouse to Las Margaritas.