Saturday, July 31, 2010

Latest Fish Report


JULY 22nd to 28th, 2010

Overall Catch Success Rate 88.3%

BILLFISH: After a stupendous report last week, things dipped down a bit this week. Catches were not as good, mainly due to greener water moving into the area and the temperature dropping somewhat, sending the fish in search of better conditions. So we had a few slow days with things starting to now rebound somewhat, with bluer water. The bait being used is not ideal; mullet, which although a very hardy bait, living longer in the bait well, is not the first choice of marlin, who prefer mackerel, scarce at this time. Still striped marlin was the number one catch in Cabo with fifty three percent of charters catching between one and three marlin in a day, with a few sailfish mixed in. Those boats that did get “skunked” usually saw fish but couldn’t get them to bite, or hooked up but couldn’t register true a release, with the fish mouthing the baits only, or not staying on the line for very long. Best day was July 23rd, when “La Brisa” released two striped marlin and a sailfish at the 11.50 spot, all on live mullet, for Benjamin Comeskey from Austin, Texas fishing with Evan Stuller & Lauren Hendrickson from Dallas, Texas. This same day, “Tracy Ann” had an enviable day releasing three striped marlin on live bait, boating a beautiful 50 lb dorado and a 20 lb tuna for Ben, Emily and Jane Barnhill from South Carolina. Not to be left out “Valerie” caught three striped marlin at the 11.50 spot too, for Jorge & Antonio Arteaga from Chula Vista, Ca. Pisces anglers caught a total of 27 billfish, 24 striped marlin all but one released and three sailfish, all released. As we write this the East Cape Bisbee is underway…where the water is quite a bit warmer….and the unofficial second day results are in as follows: 1st Dreamweaver with a 581 lb black marlin, 2nd Cowboy VII with a 377 lb blue and 3rd La Negra with a 366 lb blue, day three results are still not in, but we shall know shortly who won…check our blog for an update

OTHER SPECIES: Dorado catches were in second place after marlin this week with twenty nine percent of boats catching between one and five fish, with some as large as 50 lbs, like the one caught on “Tracy Ann” on a petrolero lure. Others ranged from 18 to 30 lbs and took a combination of live bait, green and petrolero lures- found from the 11.50 to Punta Gorda. Tuna catches were at twenty three percent with catches of between one and seven fish. “Attitude Adjustment” had the largest tuna of the week a 70 lb fish on July 26th, plus two others around 30 lbs at the 95 and 11.50 spots for the Jove family from Miami, Florida. What we did get excited about this week, were the roosterfish; we had several really large ones; Michael White & Bryan Norther from Houston Texas, landed a 48 and 56 lb rooster each respectively aboard the panga “ Sirius” as well as a hammerhead shark, which they released on July 27th, off of the Old Lighthouse. This same day “Rebecca” had 40 and 50 lb roosters two miles of the Old Lighthouse for Safdar Sajjad from Los Angeles, Ca…..mullet might not be so popular with marlin, but they are just about the favorite food of big roosterfish. The only other smaller game we had was a few jack cravelles and a couple of cabrilla.

WEATHER CONDITIONS: At the risk of sounding like a broken record….the weather is still off….much cooler than normal on the Pacific, we also had a surprise thunderstorm and some rain on Sunday. Cortez side is warmer but not as it should be. Skies mostly clear and sunny, seas calm.


BEST LURES: Live bait, green, petrolero, cedar plugs.

Based on the catches of Pisces by Tracy Ehrenberg

Safdar Sajjad and family from Los Angeles, Ca

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Roosterfish are in……

The biggest we have seen in a long time and caught today by the anglers mentioned yesterday, Michael White and Bryan Northcutt from Houston, Texas .

We see over and over again that Texans tend to be lucky when it comes to fishing.

The size on these fish is impressive at 48 and 56 lbs respectively and who knows about the scale, as they look larger. Both fish took live mullet off of the Old Lighthouse.

Thanks to Captain Norberto aboard the panga Sirius for taking them to the right spot!

Congratulations guys!

Fishing news

This impressive dorado was one of three caught on Monday, July 26th by Michael White and Bryan Northcutt from Houston, Texas. It was one of three fish they caught aboard “Ruthless” at  11:50 Spot on petrolero lure.

 Deckhand Beto Lira, is in the foreground with the red visor and Captain Leon Camacho can be seen in the background.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Latest Fish Report


         JULY 15th to 21st, 2010

Overall Catch Success Rate 92%

BILLFISH: We are thrilled with the fishing right now, we had great catches abounding around our shores. Ninety percent of charters are catching billfish right now, with blue marlin showing, up sailfish present and the most numerous being striped marlin. Striped marlin can be found from the East Cape down to Cabo. We had some great catches, such as one blue marlin around 200 lbs and four striped marlin released aboard “Tracy Ann” on July 21st by Matthew Pace, Peter Page and Roman King, from Stockton, California, at the 11.50 spot. This same day “Valerie” had two striped marlin, a sailfish and two tuna in the same location for Chris Oswalt and friends from Memphis, Tn. For sheer marlin numbers, “Attitude Adjustment” was the top boat with six stripers released for Wes & Brandie Leifer, from Yorba Linda, Ca fishing with Brad Robinson. “Ruthless” had the first blue marlin of the week, a little over 200 lbs, at Punta Gorda for Mark Cherney from Ladesa Ranch Ca. Jerame & Mandi Shultz from Salt Lake City fished with Steve & Laura Lee from Houston and did very well to release four striped marlin aboard “No Big Deal” on live bait. Pisces anglers caught a total of 54 striped marlin, 2 blue marlin and 2 sailfish; all but four fish were released.

OTHER SPECIES: Marlin was by far the most abundant game fish this week followed by dorado. Thirty-two percent of boats caught dorado though usually the catches were no more than one or two fish with sizes from 15 to 50 lbs. The Dorado Shootout took place at East Cape, in which over 400 anglers participated with the winning fish 53 lbs that took $33,000.00 dollars and a new pickup truck for first place. Yellow fin tuna catches were at thirteen percent with catches usually of a single fish; the exception was “ C Rod” with ten caught at Destiladeras in the 10 to 15 lb class, plus a wahoo and one dorado for Kathryn & Chris Collins, Nicholas & Joe Warner, all from Las Vegas. “Ruthless” had a fabulous day on July 20th, with Amy & Rusty Olsen from San Antonio, Texas when they caught three wahoo up to 40 lbs, plus two dorado and a sailfish released, all at Destiladeres. “Ruthless” was also the only boat to catch a hammerhead shark plus a striped marlin, for Jason Smyrl and friends from Texas.

LOCATION: 11.50 spot, Destiladeres, 95 spot, Palmilla.

WEATHER CONDITIONS: Sunny, hot, clear skies, seas mostly calm….the Pacific seems to have its own climate though; still cool and breezy.


BEST LURES: Live bait, green/black, orange/black, petrolero, guacamaya.

Based on the catches of Pisces by Tracy Ehrenberg

Rusty & Amy Olsen from San Antonio, TX

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Fishing news

This beautiful, large male dorado was caught by Ben Barnhill from Greenville, SC at 11:50 Spot on Black/Brown lure
The male is distinguished from the female by the shape of its head; the male has a square head and the female a rounded one.

There are some small tuna around, like this one caught by Emily Barnhill ; tuna are actually one of the strongest fish in the ocean and not that easy to reel in…this one will make great sushi.

Fishing news : July 23rd

- Benjamin Comeskey, Evan Stuller and Lauren Hendrickson from Austin & Dallas, TX released one sailfish and two striped marlin aboard “La Brisa”

- Dana and Phill Zeip from Scotts Valley, CA released one striped marlin and caught six nice yellow fin tuna which made a delicious dinner and there are still plenty of fillets to take home.

- Jorge and Antonio Arteaga from Chula Vista, Ca released 2 striped marlin and decided to keep one aboard “Valerie”

- Ben, Emily and Jane Barnhill from Greenville, South Carolina were the top anglers of the day by releasing three striped marlin , catching a 20 lb yellow fin tuna and a nice 50 lb dorado aboard “Tracy Ann” with captain Julio Castro..Congrats!!


Friday, July 23, 2010

Fishing news

We received some great pictures from Scott , Beth and daughter Morgan Wilcox from Freeville, NY

They released three striped marlin and were also fortunate to boat two dorado aboard “Rebecca”

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Latest Fish Report

July 8th to 14th, 2010

Overall Catch Success Rate 96%

BILLFISH: This week we saw a vast improvement on marlin catches with eighty one percent of our charters catching between one and six billfish per day. It seems that we have finally turned the corner and our good old Cabo catches are back. Nevertheless, the Pacific continues to be considerably colder than the Sea of Cortez. Daniel Myers Sr. & Jr. fished aboard “Valerie” and got our first blue marlin of the season, estimated at 270 lbs, caught out of Punta Gorda on a brown and green lure on July 8th. Kathy Morris, is a petite woman with a lot of gumption, she is from Austin, Texas and fished alone aboard “Andrea” on July 9th, at the 95 spot, where she released a total of SIX striped marlin…..way to go…fish were caught on a combination of live bait and pink lures. This same day “La Brisa” got out second blue marlin of the season, a bit smaller at 180 lbs – released and also a striped marlin was fought and freed and they boated one yellowfin tuna for Chad & Kristin Shimaitis also from Austin, Texas. On July 12th “Ruthless” was the hot boat, releasing four marlin at the 11.50 spot, all on live caballito for Jeremy & Esther Nichols from San Francisco fishing with Jaime & Bob Tarpley from Washington. “Ruthless” equaled this catch again on July 13th, same place, same technique, giving them four striped marlin for Ray King III & Ray King Jr. from Muskogge, Oklahoma. There were several boats that had triple and double marlin days plus an odd table fish too. Pisces anglers caught a total of 75 marlin of which all but one were released.

OTHER SPECIES: Dorado catches were actually quite good with forty two percent of charters catching between one and five fish – best dorado boat was “Rebecca” the day they fished Destiladeres, giving them a total of five, plus two wahoo for the Gelhaus family from Concord, California. Dorado were found over a wide area being picked up at Chileno and 11.50 spot as well. Tuna catches were not that far behind those of dorado, with thirty five percent of boats catching between one and thirty three football size fish (from 15 to 30 lbs). “Andrea” was the top tuna boat with 33 fish caught on cedar plugs and green colored lure, four miles from the 180 spot, caught by Nick and Mary Beth Hazeldine from England…..many were released in keeping with the quotas. Pretty good wahoo catches this week with some boats getting a couple in a day with weights no more than 48 lbs. They were found off of San Jose and also at the 11.50 spot. Closer to shore there were some jack crevalle and a few rooster fish.

WEATHER CONDITIONS: Good on the Cortez mostly calm seas and clear skies, rougher on the Pacific.

LOCATION: 11.50 spot, Chileno, 95 spot, live bait, cedar plugs, green, petrolero, pink lures.


Based on the catches of Pisces By Tracy Ehrenberg

Jared Wabbel and friends from Vista, CA released three striped marlin,
caught two wahoo and one dorado aboard "Rebecca"

Monday, July 19, 2010

Kathy´s Thank you letter

Good Afternoon!

I just want to thank you all again for 2 wonderful fishing trips! I will remember them for a lifetime and tell my future children and grandchildren in the years to come! The captains and the mates working on both the Andrea and the Rebecca were very friendly and professional. I am attaching a few pictures from both trips that were on Friday, July 9th and monday, July 12th. I hope that you like them and I look forward to fishing with you all again in the future! :-)


Kathy Morris from Austin, TX

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Fishing news: July 17th

- Top anglers of the day were Wes and Brandie Liefer from Yorbalinda, CA and Brad Robinson from Blythe, CA aboard "Attitude Adjustment" releasing a total of six striped marlin and they also caught one nice dorado for dinner… Well done!

- Mike Moertl and Tom Hayes from Phoenix, Arizona released two striped marlin aboard "Rebecca"

- Last day of fishing for Joe McPeek and Bill Sledge from Texas aboard "Andrea"
   They released two striped marlin and kept one wahoo to take home

Friday, July 16, 2010

Anglers of the day: July 15th

Anglers of the day: July 15th

What a great fishing day for Joe McPeek and Bill Sledge from Houston, Texas, yesterday they released two Striped marlin and caught a 100 lbs Yellow fin tuna and a 50 lbs Dorado aboard "Rebecca"

Congratulations guys!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Fishing news : July 13th

Ray King III and Ray King Jr from Muskogge, OK our anglers of the day, released four striped marlin aboard “Ruthless”

Cary Wolfrom and Shawni Warner from Yorbalinda, California released three striped marlin abord “Tracy Ann”

Scott and Beth Wilcox from Freeville, NY released three striped marlin and also caught two dorado aboard “Rebecca”

Pictured below is Richard Bolcerek, Traci Sweeten and Bonnie Strong from Springs, Texas went fishing for half day releasing three striped marlin and caught a 40 lbs wahoo aboard “Valerie”

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Fishing news

Nick and Mary Beth Hazeldine from England had two great days of fishing on

Saturday July 10th they shared the “Rebecca” with Michael Kyle from Las Vegas, NV and released three Striped Marlin and caught one 30 lbs Dorado

Sunday July 11th they caught 33 Yellow fin tuna between 15 to 30 Lbs aboard “Andrea”, football size fish, with lots released, nevertheless they have plenty to keep them in tuna dinners for months to come.

They will be fishing the next days, we can’t wait to see how  it goes for them….

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Latest Fish Report

July 1st to 7th, 2010

Overall Catch Success Rate 91%

BILLFISH: The weather has really started to heat up here in Cabo; still it is nowhere near as hot as it should be at least not on the Pacific side. The Sea of Cortez though, is another question, where it has been in the 90’s and is also where most of the fish are being caught. It seems like the marlin bite has finally stabilized and this week, striped marlin were the number one catch in Cabo. As we close this report, blue marlin are showing up, with “Valerie” getting one close to 300 lbs and “La Brisa” releasing another. “Falcon” had a great, varied day at the start of the week, with a striped marlin released, a 40 lb wahoo landed and six tuna boated for Jim Corocoran & Ann Frisnguer from Madison, Wisconsin at the 11.50 spot. On July 4th “Tracy Ann” fished just four miles out from Cabo Del Sol and managed to release four striped marlin, all on live caballito for Shellly, Scott & Jeffery Davinos from Boship Ridge, New Jersey. A couple of days later, “Andrea” matched this catch, also releasing four marlin and boating three tuna, just out from the 11.50 spot for British angler David Brown, from Barnsley. Seventy percent of boats caught marlin and catches were common of one or two fish plus some small game. Pisces anglers caught a total of thirty seven striped marlin with all but two released, plus two blues released.

OTHER SPECIES: After marlin, yellow fin tuna were the most likely catch, with thirty five percent of boats catching between one and seven fish. Most were football size between 12 and 25 lbs, with cedar plugs being the most effective lure. Dorado catches were at eighteen percent with catches of between one and five fish, when found. “C Rod” did very well on July 2nd, when they caught five dorado as well as releasing two striped marlin, just three miles from Cabeza de Ballena for Mark Walsh and Michael Gilmour from Mosmar Park, Washington. The odd wahoo here and there up to 45 lbs. Boats fishing inshore encountered sierra in good numbers, some roosterfish, jack crevalle and skipjacks.

WEATHER CONDITIONS: The strong winds have started to die on the Pacific meaning boats can finally fish there again, but many are not bothering as it has been great on the Cortez side between Cabeza de Ballena and Redhill. Seas calm on the Sea of Cortez but with a big swell early in the report.

LOCATION: Cabo Del Sol, 11.50 spot, Cabeza de Ballena,…..Tracy Ann released a striped marlin just 500 meters from shore here, Chileno, Red Hill.


BEST LURES: Live caballito or mullet for marlin (mackerel was scarce), cedar plugs, hoochis, petrolero, red/black.

Based on the catches of Pisces By Tracy Ehrenberg

Happy Birthday Ady!

Our Reservations Manager Ady Moya, celebrated her birthday this past Friday.

Pictured here with mom, dad and nephew celebrating.....

Happy Birthday Ady from the whole Pisces Team!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Fishing news: July 9th

Fishing is improving day by day as we are getting warmer water.

- Father and Son Jean Ralph Perillon from Nice, France and son Jean Perillon caught twenty yellow fin tuna aboard “Cabolero”

- The Gelhaus family from Concord, California caught five nice Dorado and two wahoo between 30 to 40 lbs aboard “Rebecca”

- Jimmy Lee from Houston, TX released three striped marlin with captain Julio Castro aboard “Tracy Ann”

- Sharing “Ruthless”, William Bandel and the Lambert couple from Modesto, California where really happy to released one striped marlin, caught five yellow fin tunas and one Dorado

- Second day fishing for Bruce Hendricks from Hudson, Ohio this week, he released two striped marlin and caught eleven yellow fin tunas between 10 to 20 lbs aboard “No Big Deal”

- Chad and Kristin Shimaitis from Austin, TX released one striped marlin and one blue marlin that approximately weight 180 lbs aboard “La Brisa”.

They also caught one 20 lbs yellow fin tuna for sashimi

- The top angler of the day was Kathy Morris from Austin, TX releasing six striped marlin aboard “Andrea” with captain Orlando .

She came to the office to pick up her release certificate and she could not believe it, she still had all the adrenaline going on!

Monday, July 05, 2010

Fishing news : Striped marlin for everyone

- The Davimos family from New Jersey released four striped marlin aboard “ Tracy Ann” our anglers of the days…..congratulations

- Byung Soh from New York City and friends released two striped marlin aboard “Falcon”…..way to go..

- One striped marlin released for Elise Mikus from Dallas,TX aboard “Fearless”, one is good too.

- Also on a 22ft panga named “Salsa” with the popular captain Francisco, our friend and client of years Alan Stirling from Scotland released two striped marlin and caught two beautiful Spanish mackerel for a delicious ceviche

Alan is like a professional fisherman; he fell in love with Cabo and fishing years ago and can’t wait for his Mexico dates to come around. He loves fishing so much, that he gave up his regular job to work in a tackle shop (the largest in Europe) in Scotland….just so he can talk to people about fishing and be around all the fishing gear.

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Fishing news

Pictured here is Jim Corcoran from Madison, Wisconsin…with a nice wahoo caught July 1st aboard “Falcon”; this beautiful fish will make several good meals. Jim also released a striped marlin and boated six yellowfin tuna.

Latest Fish Report

June 18th to July 1st, 2010

Overall Catch Success Rate 81%

BILLFISH: This period we saw the billfish catches begin to stabilize and become more consistent, even with a full moon, there were marlin catches pretty much every day, making stripers the number one catch this report. Top boat was “C Rod” with five released during the Stars and Stripes Tournament for Charles Rasmussen from Valencia, Ca. on June 25th. “Falcon” had one of the first sailfish of the season as well as a striped marlin on June 24th, at the 11.50 spot for Joseph Chiramonte and friends from Los Gatos, Ca. “El Gallo” had a really big striped marlin which the captain reported at 210 lbs as well as a smaller 100 lb fish, both released in front of Pedregal by Robert Phillips from Homosassa, Florida on June 19th. There were several boats with double marlin days such as “Rebecca”, “Tracy Ann” and “Ruthless” which was great to see, catches getting consistent ; but some of the most active days were had by boats that got a marlin then small game, such as Gary George from Wakeforest, North Carolina….(hey, there is a new direct flight from Charlotte N.C to Cabo....) fishing with Jason…they were out on “Andrea” and caught one striped marlin and twenty yellow fin tuna and then went on to get a couple of dorado. Fifty percent of boats this week were fortunate to hook striped marlin, so that’s a big improvement but there is a lot more action to come. Pisces anglers caught a total of 46 striped marlin and 1 sailfish this week, all released, except one 180 lb striper kept.

OTHER SPECIES: Tuna catches were pretty good this week, though less boats found them, when you got to the right spot, catches ranged from one to twenty five fish, in the football size, so for sheer number more tuna were caught than anything else, giving us a total of 169 and a half fish – the half a fish was aboard “Ruthless”, when Gerald and Jane Smith were aboard; one of their fish was severed by a shark as they were reeling it in, leaving them with just a head on the end of the line. Again we had some nice catches on wahoo this week, with Great Escape Jr. catching two 40 and 50 lbs and C Rod also catching two around the same size, plus releasing a striped marlin on June 26th. Forty percent of boats caught yellow fin tuna. Dorado catches were slower with just seventeen percent of boats catching one or two fish in the 15 to 30 lb class. “Ruthless” released a hammerhead shark as well as a striped marlin at the 11.50 spot for Clark Weiss from Houston, Texas. Some roosterfish, jack crevalles , sierra, bonita and red snapper were also caught in lesser numbers.

LOCATION: 11.50 spot, Cabrillo, 95 spot, Chileno, 4 miles off of Old Lighthouse, Punta Gorda.

WEATHER: It’s almost like living in two countries. The Pacific is cold, windy and foggy the Sea of Cortez is smooth and hot.


BEST LURES: Live caballito, live mackerel, cedar plugs, tiger colored lures, feathers, blue/white, petrolero.

Based on the catches of Pisces by Tracy Ehrenberg

Gary George from Wakeforest, North Carolina

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Fishing News: June 29th

It seems that Father’s and Son’s never grow tired of fishing together, there is nothing like being able to spend time together out on water, catching up and getting in some quality time and it’s even better when you are pulling in the fish…… Adolfo and Steven Rivera from Austin, Texas released one striped marlin and hauled in eleven tuna aboard “Rebecca”.