Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Big Fish Caught First Day of Tournament: The Los Cabos Billfish kicked off with the day one of three of fishing. Forty teams signed up and despite cooler weather, a BIG BLUE was brought in today by Team Extraction - THE 625 LB FISH - was la...nded by Tom Lansing from Phoenix, Arizona aboard his 53 ft vessel. Skipper Hiram Montana is an excellent fisherman and no stranger to success; he has led Tom Lansing to many prize winning fish, including a win of Bisbee East Cape in 2010 with a 510 lb black marlin, plus a 4th & 2nd place in 2009 & 2010 in the Black Blue where this team have won almost a $1,000,000. Will this fish be the winner of this tournament? Hard to say, but that's going to be a tough fish to beat. Of course when we spoke to Captain Hiram, he wasn't giving anything away, but did tell us he caught it on bait on the Cortez side. The fish took two hours to bring to the boat.