Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bye Bye Rick

Monday October 20th, 7.22 PM

After a stressful few days of uncertainty we are now saying goodbye to Hurricane/Tropical Storm Rick...Cabo was once again spared a powerful storm and we did not even get Tropical Storm conditions, but we really appreciate the rain. As usual when there are clouds we had an incredible sunset...wish you were here but a lot of people cancelled....sigh, well somebody has to stay here and take these photos of the beautiful sunset we had tonight.

Hurricane Rick Update No #7

Tuesday October 20th 9.38 AM

Thankfully the track of what is now Tropical Storm Rick has moved further south, leaving Cabo just on the edge of the cone of the storm. Nevertheless it has been raining softly since 7.00 pm last night. We did get heavier rain around 3.00 AM but right now it has slowed to consistent, soft rain, no wind and partly cloudy. No waves to speak of on the Pacific but the Cortez side is another story. It is not the height of the waves which is a problem, even though they are at times as big as ten feet, but rather the surge, after the wave breaks, which is going all the way up the beaches to the footings of hotels on the main beach. Yesterday afternoon a 16 year old Mexican boy was swept into the sea on Medano Beach when he was too close to the waves and was drowned. The town is in good but soggy shape and the storm should be at its' closest poing by 11.00 pm tonight. We expect to be fishing Thursday or Friday.