Thursday, September 29, 2011

Tuna Time in Cabo

This video was taken yesterday by our dockmaster Mario. Despite everything that is going on the economy etc. it is always important to make time for friends and family and invest in some lifetime moments that money can’t buy. Do something fun and cool like Cabo for fishing. These guys did very well to land some large tuna that will keep them in fillets of organic (seeing as that is the fashion) tuna for months to come. Well done!

Monday, September 26, 2011

New Record in Cabo? Blue Marlin 1213 lbs!

A 1213 lb Blue Marlin was caught in Cabo San Lucas yesterday, or should we say Saturday, as the fish took 28 hours to boat!

“That was the hardest thing I ever did in my life by far. I’ve shot bull moose and trekked out with 200 lbs on my back and it doesn’t even compare. It was the greatest experience of my life. I travel all around the world, Africa, Asia and nothing comes close to this”. Angler Richard Biehl,  Traverse City, MI

The monster, which could be a new Cabo record was caught by Richard Biehl from Traverse City, MI, aboard a 31 ft Blackfin “Go Deep”. We had a chance to speak with the crew and get the whole story. Captain Luis Abaroa comes from a long line of fisherman, all great in their own right; his grandfather, father, uncle and brother have all landed fish over 1000 lbs.

They took off from the dock at 7.00 am on Saturday morning with two anglers on board and headed to the 95 spot, where Luis thought he could find some marlin. Lines were in the water by 7.30 am and they started to troll. At 8.20 am a huge marlin crashed on the right outrigger which was set up with a small Zuker guacamaya lure (orange/green/yellow) intended more for striped marlin. They saw the fish jump completely out of the water about 400 feet from the boat and looked at each and other and told the angler, “That’s a big fish, around 700 lbs”, the fight then began, with the captain being super careful, knowing he only had 60 lb line, on a Shimano 50. Luis would wait for the fish to take out half the spool then quickly follow him, recover the whole spool of line and then follow again; his objective was to not let the fish go down but to follow him around , as he said “kind of like taking a strong dog for a walk on a leash”.

 Poor Richard slaved away at the reel, barely seeming to make a dent in the brute strength of this fish. By 5.00 pm they were out of food and water and had to resort to drinking the melted ice water in the cooler. Luis called his brother Frankie another captain, who showed up with supplies and to keep them company. The fish jumped one more time before sunset, this time closer and they reconsidered their size estimate, to 800 to 1000 lbs. By this time Richard could not go on and, Frankie’s deckhand went aboard to work on the fish, reeling and waiting. They continued to be patient and settled in for the night, with the guys struggling to stay awake at times. Frankie’s boat provided light so they could see the line. As the sun rose the fish continued to fight on and the deckhand was relieved by the angler. By 9.00 am the crew decided they had to do something; they rigged up a special snag set, consisting of four hooks, tossed it  at the fish and hooked it in the cheek. Now with two anglers pumping away at the fish it finally tired and they were able to get it alongside the boat. 

Frankie rigged up a snag set to help bringthe marlin to the boat.

Even With Two Anglers on The Fish It Still Took Another Three Hours to Bring to the Boat
Richard the angler, said, “It’s a once in a lifetime fish. I want to take him”. That said, they gaffed him and tried to get him on board, but the huge body would not fit through the transom door, so they had to leave half of the fish in the water and motor back to port. The fish had taken them a long way, with them ending up 30 miles off of the Old Lighthouse. The leader was 300 lb but had stretched so much, it looked like 100 lb, and one of the hooks in the lure had also sheared off.

The Fish Was So Large That It Wouldn't Fit in the Boat
 Back at the dock, they had to borrow an electronic scale from another boat which showed 972 lbs, however they could not get it completely clear of the floor, so measured the fish which was 137 inches long, without the bill and had a girth of 75 inches. According to the formula used the fish was 1213 lbs. Richard must be a real aficionado though, he went out again today and released a striped marlin and caught a tuna, but then believe it or not got sea-sick! Anyways just shows Cabo and Mexico are still the best spot in the world for fishing
The Boat Motored Back with Half  the Fish in the Water

*please note the fish was not caught aboard a Pisces boat. Fish was caught aboard a local charter boat "Go Deep"

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Pisces Weekly Fish Report September 17th to September 23rd

Overall Catch Success Rate 97.7%

BILLFISH: Excellent week, billfish are starting to pop again and in good numbers. We are beginning to see more Blue Marlin as October closes in, the “Great Escape Jr” caught a 280 lbs Blue for Graham Osborne from LA, CA.  “Tracy Ann “ released a Pacific Sailfish and landed a 22 lbs tuna and a 20 lbs dorado for Ivan Kury from Monterrey, Mexico. Same day “Ruthless “ caught another Blue Marlin of 210 lbs, for Daniel Mirisola also from Los Angeles. On the 18th “La Brisa” caught a 200 lbs Blue marlin and 3 tunas for George Willard, from Lebanon OR, same day “Andrea” caught two Striped Marlin one was weighet at 140 lbs and the other one was successfully released by Nila Vanacore from Cedar City UT. September 19th, “Andrea” hooked a Blue Marlin estimated at 200 lbs for Walter David, he struggled with the fish for a little over two hours, to successfully release the fish, little after, they had a triple hookup, 3 tunas about 40 lbs each, the anglers were thrilled already with the success of the trip, when a 4th line zipped off, the line was almost gone so Captain Nicolas maneuvered the boat until one of the anglers could take the rod, John David was the lucky guy, he fought the fish for an hour and forty-five minutes to boat it, it was a very nice 160 lbs yellow fin tuna. 33.3% of the boats caught billfish this week, 6 striped marlin, 5 released, 4 pacific sailfish, all released, and 6 blue marlin, 3 were released.

OTHER SPECIES: Good week for small game as well, with 50% of the boats returning with Dorado flags and 48% with tuna.  Dorado catched started slow with only one or two fish per boat, later it got much better as they were coming back with 4 to 8 dorados per boat, this week we caught a total of 86 dorados. Tuna was average, between 3 to 6 fish per boat, ranging from 20 to 45 lbs except for the 160 lbs John David caught as we mentioned before. There were some nice catches, “Falcon” caught 14 tunas from 20 – 30 lbs for Ricky Stutts from Magnolia TX, “Andrea” again for John David’s party, 14 yellowfin from 10 to 40 lbs, Castle Rock CO will be eating a lot of fish for a while.

LOCATION: Herradura, 20 to 30 miles from the Old Lighthouse, Los Arcos.



BEST LURES: Green petroleros, caballito.

Based on the catches of Pisces by Jorge Narro

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What Does Your Office Look LIike?

Well we don't know what your workplace looks like but this photo shows what our crews "office" looks like. Shown here is Beto Lira from Ruthless prepping for a day of fishing.

Monday, September 19, 2011

So What Did You Do Today?

Well most of spent a long day at the grindstone working, but not John David from Denver, Colorado, he is much smarter than us. He spent a day on the water aboard our 28 ft "Andrea", under blue skies and hooked this big tuna 25 miles off of the Old Lighthouse. He got a work out though, as it took him one hour and forty five minutes to bring this 160 lb'er to the boat after it took a live caballito.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Weekly Fish Report Update Sept 10 to 16th

Overall Catch Success Rate 95.6%

BILLFISH: Happy Independence Day Mexico!  We celebrated this week with a great report, 95.6% overall success rate. The water temperature raised a little bit making it hard to find Billfish, we didn’t see any Striped Marlin but we caught some Blue marlins and Sailfish. “Andrea” caught a 200 lbs Blue marlin and released a very decent Sailfish estimated at 100 lbs for Lewis Akin and Richard Grounnof from Cleveland, TX. Same day “Attitude Adjutment” released a 110 lbs Sailfish and landed 4 Dorados for Warren Chapman from San Mateo, CA. Laura Jones from Cleveland TX released a 190 lbs Blue marlin aboard the “Andrea” two awesome days for the Akin Party aboard the Andrea. On the 15th, everyone but “La Brisa” was back at the dock, nice day for Yellow fin tuna and dorado but no billfish, around 4pm the captain called in to report, 3 young ladies were fighting for a Blue marlin for 4 hours already, when they finally got it next to the boat, they released him and kept a 30 lbs tuna for lunch. The Blue marlin was estimated at 360 lbs, anglers were Cassie Rodgers from Tacoma, WA, Cass Andersen from Riverfalls, WI, and Amanda Hirsch from Maplewood, MN. A total of 5 billfish were caught, 4 were released.

Cassie Rodgers, Cass Andersen & Amanda Hirsch with their Release Certificates.

OTHER SPECIES: This week was better for Dorado with a 60% success rate, average weight ranged from 30 to 45 lbs. Yellowfin tuna dropped from 65% to 54 % this week, weight ranged from 10 to 35 lbs. “Attitude Adjustment” caught 2 very nice size Wahoos, 40 and 45 lbs each for Brooke Burge from Melbourne, FL and the “Falcon” caught the third and last of the week for Gary Harvey from Commerce, TX. If you didn’t know, Wahoo is considered the most delicious fish to eat.

LOCATION: Jaime Bank, Golden Gate, Los Arcos.



BEST LURES: Green petroleros, caballito.

Based on the catches of Pisces by Jorge Narro

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Our friend Dirk Rachfall shares a few words and great pictures of his trip.

Hi Tracy and Jorge

Thank you again for a wonderful fishing experience.  Pisces always provides us with the greatest service and of course the most successful fishing.  We went out 2 times on La Brisa and brought in a total of 3 Dorado's and 2 striped marlin.  We are thrilled.  While the water was a little rougher than we've had in the past, fishing was just as great.  I've attached some pictures. Thank you again and we look forward to our next visit.

Dirk and Tricia Rachfall
New Westminster, BC 

 Here's Trisha showing off her beautiful stripey.

 Dirk here with his marlin.

Dirk again with his 40 lbs Dorado.

Dirk & Tricia's striped marlin daring them to catch him.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Family from Stamford CT. Have Great Time on Tracy Ann

The Allman family from Stanmford CT decided to visit Cabo for a summer vacation and were not disasppointed, catching young Dylan the biggest fish he has ever caught, aboard Tracy Ann. Below are the photos that they sent to us.
We had a great time fishing with Captain Julio and Little Martin on the Tracy Ann on 8/15/2011. Attached are a few pictures. Hope to return soon."

Peter, Pam and Dylan

Fishing Update

September 3rd to September 9th, 2011

Overall Catch Success Rate 91%

BILLFISH: Summer is when we see the arrival of big fish in Cabo, generally we start seeing smaller blue marlin show up in August and the larger ones making an appearance in October. The pickings for blues have been slow so far, but this week it seemed like it got on track starting out with a small blue marlin aboard “Attitude Adjustment”, caught by Bruce Mayer from Houston, Texas, off of the Old Lighthouse on a red lure, he also caught a couple of 20 lb dorado. This was followed by a larger fish, estimated at 250 lbs aboard “Tracy Ann”, caught by Robert Pavelka from Atlanta, on a blue and white lure and then went on to catch four tuna and two dorado, all between 20 and 25 lbs, at the Golden Gate. September 7th saw our third blue marlin of the week this time for “Falcon” caught by Blair Mask from Azle Texas, fishing three miles from the Herradura as well as boating three tuna ranging from 10 to 40 lbs. This blue took one of the famous guacamaya lures (orange/green/yellow). One of the most enviable days was that had by Joe Haddad & Oscar Gutierrez aboard “La Brisa” on September 8th, at Golden Gate, releasing a striped marlin, a sailfish and boating nine tuna up to 30 lbs. “El Gallo” also did very well to release two striped marlin and land 10 yellowfin tuna for Michael Johnson from New Orleans, LA and Brennan Warren from Austin, TX. Twenty five percent of our boats caught billfish this week.
This month we are startingto see small blue marlin show up
OTHER SPECIES: Tuna catches remain steady in Cabo, with 65% of the fleet catching fish ranging in size from 20 to 45 lbs. The “C-Rod” had the best catch of the week with 17 tunas and a 24 lbs wahoo for Andy Smith from Denver, CO. Dorado catches increased this week with 50% of the boats catching this species; the average catch was three per boat and ranged from 10 to 25 lbs. “Ruthless” caught a very nice 25 lbs Roosterfish for Leo Chairez from San Antonio, TX.
LOCATION: Old Lighthouse, Golden Gate, Los Arcos – all on the Pacific for us.
WEATHER CONDITIONS: 90 to 94F hot and dry, not a drop of rain.
BEST LURES: Green, blue & white, guacamayas, red, petroleros, caballito.
Based on the catches of Pisces by Tracy Ehrenberg & Jorge Narro

Monday, September 05, 2011

Testimonial from the Daehnke party

Just a quick note to thank all of you at Pisces for our great day fishing on Tuesday, August 30th.  There can be no harder working crew than JR and Luis on REBECCA, who are just incredible.  Ten tuna, five dorado and a released striped marlin made for a special day for me, my wife, son and his girlfriend who was on her first ever fishing trip.  The Pisces experience from booking the trip in your office, to the dock and fishing to dinner at Capt. Tonys (with fresh sashimi) was, as always, first class and is the reason we return year after year.  Attached are some photos.  Once again, thank you so much for such great memories.  Happy Birthday to our pal, Mario!

Glenn, Sue, Bryan Daehnke and Beth Wilhour

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Sunday, September 04, 2011

Pisces Weekly Fish Report August 27th to September 2nd

Overall Catch Success Rate 95.2%

BILLFISH: Water is not getting any cooler, weather was very hot as well starting on 95f with one day reaching the 105. We had a little bit of rain near San Jose del Cabo but so far not a drop in Cabo San Lucas. This week the Billfish catch rate dropped from 46% to 35% with only a few boats catching Billfish. “Ruthless” released two Striped Marlin, landed 6 Dorados and a 20 lbs white skipjack for Matt & Heather Adamson from Midlothian TX on August 27th. On the 31st, “Tracy Ann” released two Striped Marlin as well and landed 10 Yellow Fin Tuna for Larry Berriochoa from Aurora, CO. 9 Striped Marlin were caught this week, 7 were released.

OTHER SPECIES: Well, what can we say about small game this wee? Week started a little bit slow but “Falcon” started the tuna frenzy landing 15 tunas for David Fox from New York, NY. Next day “Tracy Ann” caught 20 yellow fin between 10/30 lbs and 2 dorados over 20 lbs for Mike Conger and son from Atlanta GA, the very next they, father and son took a trip on “Ruthless” and landed 21 more tunas and 1 more dorado to their count. Tim Johnston from Montana on a memorial trip for his brother caught 12 tunas, 1 dorado and a 140 lbs striped marlin who died before they could release it, he and his friend Luis Tavarez went on a second trip aboard the “Rebecca” and added 25 more tuna and one more dorado. Tim and Luis get the catch of the week with most fish caught in one day.

Rebecca BaƱaga with her dinner.

LOCATION: Golden Gate, Los Arcos.

WEATHER CONDITIONS: 90 to 96F. Partly cloudy.


BEST LURES: Green petroleros, caballito.

Based on the catches of Pisces by Jorge Narro