Friday, December 07, 2012

Another New Tuna Record?

New record tuna may be on it's way in......bigger than the new all tackle world record.....well that is according to Pete Thomas who wrote that a fish estimated at 459 lbs was caught at the Hurricane Bank off of Baja by John Petruescu aboard the San Diego-based long range boat, Excel. If this taped out weight holds it will be the largest yellowfin tuna ever caught on rod and reel, but will not be eligible for a world record as a deckhand briefely grabbed the rod. It was caught on a live skipjack and took two hours to land. Just a couple of months ago Guy Yocom landed what looks to be the new record, at 427.5 lbs, which was caught according to IGFA rules. The Excel should be back in port on Sunday morning when the weight will be known.