Monday, February 22, 2016

Cabo San Lucas Fishing Report 13th to 19th February 2016

Overall Catch Success Rate All Species Combined 82%
Numbers at a glance: Billfish 8 %, Tuna 59 %, other 42 %, Dorado 9%


BILLFISH:  On February 13th David Mitchell and Bill Hicks visiting from Hobbs, New Mexico went out aboard the Pisces 38ft “C Rod” vessel, these lucky anglers reeled the first Swordfish of the season!, a beautiful 115 lbs spotted outside of  Jaime Banks using live bait.  There was a few Striped Marlin spotted outside of Palmilla area in San Jose del Cabo, a symptom of the fishing transition that soon will move over the Sea of Cortes to warmer waters.  Pisces 42ft “Hot Rod” vessel traveled to Palmilla and got tight lines for Dan Cunniffe, Mike Ceseña and Jim McKenna that released 130 lbs  Striped Marlin with a large sardine locally called “sardineta”.  They were visiting from Pittsford, New York.  Pisces 42ft “Hot Rod” again got tight lines the next day for Texas group Harry & Elizabeth Sturges, Charlotte & Brooke Pezell, which released another 120 lbs Striped Marlin.  Pisces “Rebecca” released a Sailfish, weight estimated 90 lbs, using a purple lure outside of Migriño for the group of Cindy Casso visiting from Kenly, North Carolina.  One more time hot “Hot Rod” vessel got  and successfully released one Striped Marlin, one dorado and a wahoo weight estimated 25 lbs about  40 miles out of the Hill for the Sturges group visiting from Texas.  Eight percent of the Pisces anglers released Billfish which consist in 3 Striped Marlin, 1 Swordfish and a Sailfish.

OTHER SPECIES:  Tuna still being the main catch,  Pisces 32ft “Bill Collector” reeled ten yellow fin tunas  between 30 to 45 lbs with cedar plugs outside of the Golden gate spot for Phil and Michelle Timothy from Utah.  “Valerie” 35ft Pisces vessel got tight lines on twenty three tunas at La Ballena spot, getting everybody in the action: Monica Vining, John Park, John Ernest, Morgan Harris, Elizabeth and Kris Sokolowski visiting from Atlanta, Georgia.  31 ft Pisces “Tiburon” traveled 44 miles out of the Hill and reeled twenty four tunas for David Ryan´s group visiting from Phoenix, Arizona.  Pisces “Rebecca” did good bringing twelve tunas between 10 to 30 lbs outside of La Ballena for George Schneider and Sarah Adamczyk from Alberta, Canada.  Pisces 31ft “Tracy Ann” reeled twenty six tunas 22 lbs outside of Pescadero and San Pedrito area for Joseph Kennedy, David Farrell, Walter Oates and James Hall visiting from Spartenburg, South Carolina, who were fishing with us many days and were so pleased with their catch!  As long as we move on to the season, we will see more inshore action, fun to reel, fight and release!  Panga 27ft “Tres Amigos” got red snapper, trigger fish, jack crevelle and roosters, 5 to 8lbs. for Phillip Rick and Anderson Bernie from South Carolina.  Pisces 31ft “La Brisa” got fifteen triggerfish and three yellow tails in a half day trip in Margaritas spot for Ray Washburn group from California.  “Adriana” 28ft vessel reeled twenty trigger fish, four snooks and two jacks in Margaritas for the Miller family.  Panga 27ft “Tres Amigos” hooked a rooster and needle fish for Sue Ferrell, Jim Hall and Anderson Bernies from South Carolina. All inshore fish were successfully released.  Fifty nine percent of our anglers caught 415 yellow fin tunas, the other 42% a variety of inshore fish: 68 trigger fish, 12 yellow tails,  4 snooks and a bunch of skipjacks, Spanish mackerel and a needle fish, only the nine percent reeled six dorados.

LOCATION:  Golden Gate, La Ballena, 40 miles out, 190 Spot, 37 miles of the Old light house, San Jaime, 230 spot, 150 Spot, Pescadero, Margaritas, Palmilla, 46 miles out of the 280 spot
WEATHER:  Clear Skies, Calm winds


BEST LURES:  Cedar plugs and feathers for tuna, Live Bait: Caballito, sardineta, Mackerel for Striped Marlin

Based on the catches of Pisces Sportfishing by Ady Moya.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Cabo San Lucas Fishing Report February 6 to 12, 2016

Overall Catch Success Rate All Species Combined 80%
Numbers at a glance: Billfish 12%, Tuna 61%, Dorado 11%, other 12%

BILLFISH: We had anglers strictly interested in targeting the Striped Marlin this week, did not care the tuna season is good!  Some of them were successful in reeling such a magnificent fish, other anglers unfortunately were not that lucky, however they tried and promised to return to Cabo and give a shot again!  The fishing stills at least 30 miles out and more, over the Pacific Ocean.  The Pisces “Andrea” 28ft boat released a Striped Marlin, weight estimated 110lbs. and six tunas for Tom Stein, Steve Magner, Phil Healey and Kevin Salts from Lafayette, Indiana.  The other Pisces 28ft “Andrea” did its magic as well reeling in 120 lbs. Striped Marlin almost reaching Todos Santos town at Elias Calles, for William Chapel's group visiting from beautiful New Orleans, Louisiana.  On February 08th “Ruthless” 31ft Pisces Bertram got tight lines with a Striped Marlin released and brought six tunas as well (18-20 lbs.) twenty five miles out of the Herradura for Brad Hall, Holly Meyer, Kevin Smets, Jane Riehl and Chinyere Abosi from Los Angeles, California.  Pisces 35ft “Listo” got a good size 180 lbs. Striped Marlin which was successfully released for James Heller, Josh Karr, Randy Hughes, and Jason Jiongo from Redding, California at El Faro spot.  Of course “Tracy Ann” our 31ft vessel released a160 lbs. Marlin and two dorados in Punta Lobos for Cory Pardon, Lana Nogosek, Dan and Robin Sedevie visiting from cold Minot, in North Dakota for sure enjoying our mild winter. Twelve percent of our Pisces anglers released a total of 8 Striped Marlin.

OTHER SPECIES: Yellow fin tuna still being the primary catch with football sizes and still quite far out over on the Pacific;  Pisces “La Brisa” 31ft vessel caught sixteen tunas, between 10 to 20 lbs. twenty six miles out of the Cerro for Donald Frederick and Sue Johnson from Houston, Texas. “Rebecca” 31ft Pisces got tight lines for Duane Moyer's group from Gilberts Ville, PA reeling thirty five tunas (ten released) outside of Punta Lobos using feathers and cedar plugs.  “Valerie” 35ft Pisces brought thirty five tunas (ten released) in front of La Ballena, for Mike McCoy from Iowa.  “Adriana” 28ft Pisces vessel went outside of the Golden Gate with Peter Menge and Lisa Rudick from Manitoba, Canada and brought eleven yellow fin tunas, estimated weight 20 lbs.  On February 10th the “C Rod” 38ft vessel brought a Wahoo of 20 lbs. very lucky as being the only wahoo catch, indeed happy anglers Katherine and Hudson Swaffard, Harris English and Helen Marie Bowers visiting from Saint Simmons, Georgia.  “Shambala” 60ft Hatteras had a run to Punta Lobos and got tight lines for the persistent group from Florida, Clayton Hummel, Abby Figueroa, Carlos Vasquez, Dan Kirkpatrick and Jeffrey Stewart and brought fifteen yellow fin tunas and the “Tracy Ann” 31ft Pisces ran forty miles out of the Old Light House for Daniel Carpenter from Montgomery, New York and reeled fifteen tunas as well.  The Dorado catches are being spotted with live bait such as caballito and we are seeing the football sizes from 18 to 20 lbs. excellent for a good dinner time.  “La Brisa” 31ft Pisces boat brought one mahi- mahi from Todos Santos for Jonathan Colton and Natalie Kresich from San Francisco, California. “Ruthless” Pisces 31ft brought another one between the 95 spot and 11.50 spot for the Padalia family from Tallahassee, FL.  And Bill Collector 32ft vessel brought four tunas and one Dorado 36 miles at the 210 spot for Mark Chiavetta and friends.  Sixty one percent of the Pisces anglers brought 397 yellow fin tunas, the eleven percent brought 8 Dorado and the other species the twelve percent, consisted in one wahoo and small trigger fish and skip jacks that where released.

LOCATION: Golden Gate, La Ballena, 190 Spot, 240 spot, 37 miles of the Old light house, San Jaime, Elias Calles,150 Spot, Punta Lobos, Todos Santos
WEATHER: Clear Skies, Calm winds
BEST LURES: Cedar plugs and feathers for tuna, Live Bait: Caballito, Mackerel for Striped Marlin

Based on the catches of Pisces Sportfishing by Ady Moya.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Cabo San Lucas Fishing Report January 30th to February 5th, 2016

Overall Catch Success Rate All Species Combined 73%
Numbers at a glance: Billfish 17%, Tuna 47%, Dorado 15%, other 1%

31ft “Tracy Ann” got tight lines for with Corey Pardon and Lana Nogosek from Minot, ND with two good size Dorados!

BILLFISH: The Striped Marlin report increased by seven percent compared to last weekly report! Although the stronger, cooler winter winds coming from the North made fishing a little slower overall, it was still wonderful enough to come down to Cabo and spend a pleasant vacation reeling the fish of your dreams!

The "Andrea" vessel got tight lines for Billy and Michelle Kreft, Andy and Andrea Johnson visiting from Iowa releasing a Striped Marlin, one Dorado and five tunas outside of La Ballena over the Pacific side.  Pisces' vessel "Tracy Ann" had a great trip reeling a Striped Marlin at the Old light House for the group of Dustin Jackson from Jamestown, North Dakota.  Very Lucky guys!  "C Rod" released another Striped Marlin for Scott Fagen and Frank Bennett from Texas State in the same spot over the Pacific.  The Cabo "Hot Rod" a 42ft beauty released in the Pedregalito a Striped Marlin for Sean Lucas and Ryan Dyrbye from British Columbia, Canada.  On February 5th, Pisces' 28ft "Andrea" traveled 30 miles out of the hill and released a Striped Marlin and a tuna for Michael & Suzanne Laster and Heath and Michelle Martin from Oklahoma City.  Captain Ray Winkler's run on Pisces 31ft "La Brisa" to the Golden Gate got a Striped Marlin for David Metz and Dale Helsing from Elko, Nevada.  The only Marlin spotted over the Sea of Cortes was aboard the "Adriana" and its estimated weight was 120 lbs for David & Dale again!  Seventeen percent of our Pisces anglers released 10 Striped Marlin.

OTHER SPECIES: We have an increase for Dorado catches as well, the always ready "Listo" Pisces', 35ft boat, run's to El Molino passing the Old light house got a 25 lbs dorado with live bait for Joe Franz, Greg and Brenda McNew and Brian Mohr from Houston, Texas.  Our 31ft "Ruthless"caught two dorados between 15 to 18 lbs. outside of the Golden for Scott Weaver, Jim Parkin and Wes Smith from Southern Pines, North Carolina. "Tracy Ann", our 31ft boat got tight lines with two dorados and fourteen tunas, between 10 to 20 lbs for Marc Groen and Michael Lindermulder from Orland Park, Illinois.  And our 42ft "Yahoo" with Captain Ricardo went all the way outside of La Ballena, Pacific side and spotted fourteen tunas with cedar plugs and feathers, estimated to weigh ten to twenty pounds for Matt McCarthy's group visiting from Texas.  Our 32ft "Bill Collector" just never stops!  She reeled twenty four tunas, seven released, weighing an estimated 15 to 40 lbs for Bryan Johnson, Hugh Gannon, Matt Curry and Kevin Gleason and guests visiting from Atlanta, GA.  As we moved during the week the tuna pushed out further reaching almost the 40 miles, our 31ft boat "La Brisa" got 10 yellow fin tuna thirty seven miles outside of the Faro for Larry and Jacy Barnwell from Houston, Texas.  Our good friend Chic from Scotland brought sixteen tunas aboard the"Valerie" (a 35ft Pisces vessel), in a long ride to San Jaime Banks.  Forty seven percent of our Pisces customers brought 216 tunas, fifteen percent brought 11 dorados and the one percent reeled small trigger fish only, a bit quiet for smaller species.

LOCATION: Golden Gate, La Ballena, 190 Spot, 210 spot, 37 miles of the Old light house, San Jaime, El Molino
WEATHER: Clear Skies, Strong winds over the Pacific side
BEST LURES: Cedar plugs and feathers for tuna, Live Bait: Caballito, Mackerel for Striped Marlin

Based on the catches of Pisces Sportfishing by Ady Moya.

Monday, February 01, 2016

Cabo San Lucas Fishing Report January 23 - 29, 2016

Overall Catch Success Rate All Species Combined 84% 
Numbers at a glance: Billfish 10%, Tuna 73%, Dorado 14% 

BILLFISH:  Marlin catches were painfully slow this week, as the moon waxed beautiful, illuminating the night sky and giving the fish an opportunity to feed at night and not bother with the bait offered by fishermen in the daylight hours.  In fact very few were spotted.  Highlight of the week was when the King of Sweden, on an unofficial visit to meet with scientists and fishery experts, did extremely well to release a nice striped marlin and a mako shark from a panga, on what was a tough day.  Pisces crews worked hard and did manage to find a few marlin for our anglers though with live bait, either caballito or mackerel doing the trick.  Just one marlin was caught on a Petrolero lure (brown/gray/orange) aboard Pisces Valerie on January 23rd  at Las Margaritas-Los Arcos for Mike Lenz, Bob Downport, Bill Muller and Will Rigsby visiting from Idaho.  Pisces 31ft  Bertram “Tiburon” released another Striped Marlin  twenty six miles out from the Old Lighthouse for Sean Caroline´s  group visiting from Savage, Minnesota.  Anglers Jessica & Brian Cyphers from Folsom, California opted for a 25ft panga, Pichurro which was within their budget a good decision as they were able to catch a striped marlin at the Old Lighthouse.  “Andrea” a 28ft Uniflite  released a 110 lbs. Marlin just outside of the Golden Gate on the Pacific for Bud & Karen Cross from Fort Collins, Colorado and finally Pisces “Rebecca” 31ft Bertram released another one  yesterday, the complete opposite direction off of San Jose del Cabo for Clayton, Robert Greathouse & James and Christopher Cornelius from Metairie, Louisiana.  The outlook is for the marlin bite to increase as the moon gets smaller and we will probably start seeing  fish show up on the Cortez side also.  Pisces anglers released a total of five Striped Marlin this week.

OTHER SPECIES:  The main catch this week is the unstoppable yellow fin tuna being, happy anglers with fresh sashimi food!  Football sizes from 10, 15, 20 and 25 lbs. and vessels going from twenty to thirty miles off over the Pacific side - long days on less than smooth seas. Pisces “Andrea” 28ft caught eight tunas and one Dorado for Michael and Leah Keller from Mandan, North Dakota. Pisces “Rebecca” 31ft brought twenty one tunas outside the Golden Gate for Dale, Tim, Matt & Brandon Quirk, Dean Newman, Charlie Hand visiting all from North Carolina.  Pisces 31ft “Tracy Ann" caught thirty one tunas, released ten outside on Jaime bank.  Pisces 35ft “Valerie” did great for Brian Nixon group our local friend and reeled twenty two tunas at the Golden as well.  Pisces 31ft “La Brisa” on January 27th put reel action with ten tunas and a Dorado outside of Cerritos for Sean Miles, Scott Key, John Miller, Seth & Natalia Sanford and Reece Finlayson visiting from Miami, Florida and Australia.  Bill Collector 32ft Pisces brought six tunas from 20 to 45 lbs. outside of La Herradura for Kari Lehtonen and Cody Eakin from Dallas, Texas and “Shambala” 60ft Pisces got thirty tunas outside of Punta Lobos for Frank Adler, Gary McArdell, Ken Gould, Travis Haining, Matt Kinley and Kevin Thomas from California.  Pisces 31ft “Tiburon” got a 25 pounder dorado outside of the old light house for Darrel Kvasager, David & Mark Hoiland from Minnetonka, Minnesota.  Seventy three percent of our charters brought yellow fin tunas and fourteen percent of our charters caught dorado, which consisted of 490 tunas and 9 dorados.  Limits were kept on all fish with the remainder released.

LOCATION: Golden Gate, Punta Pescadero, Punta Lobos, San Jaime, Margaritas
WEATHER: Clear Skies, little windy over the Sea of Cortes
BEST LURES: Cedar plugs and feathers for tuna, Live Bait: Caballito, Mackerel for Striped Marlin

Based on the catches of Pisces Sportfishing by Ady Moya.