Monday, May 31, 2010

Fishing news

Jim and Cheryl Sedoris from Eagan Minnesota had a great time with sister, Cindy Tovsen aboard “La Brisa” on Saturday.

Despite rough seas they toughed it out and came back with three beautiful tuna which made a delicious dinner and there are still plenty of fillets to take home.

They found the fish eleven miles out from Cerro Blanco.

Fishing news

Matt and Steve Webster from Dorado Hills, CA went on Valerie on May 27th and caught a nice 30 lb dorado and six yellowfin tuna a half mile from Cerro Blanco.

We are sure they had a great dinner with the family!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Meet Pancho!!

Our friendly local sea lion.....he is very smart and had learned to beg from boats when they return to the dock.

He usually gets the left over bait, but the other day he actually snatched a small tuna from an angler that was holding it up for a photo.

Watch out for those teeth!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Our friends from New Jersey!

We received some pictures from Jerry Malangone from last October.

To my friends at Pisces. Sorry I took so long to send the pictures. Here is the largest bull Dorado of our trip 69 inch 56 lb. from October, La Brisa captain Ray. Anglers - Jerry Malangone, Dan Bixler and Jason Bixler.
Here is our good friend Reyes “Butch” Bustamante from Carson, California in Cabo on May 21st enjoying our spectacular weather and catching a few fish too.

They were fortunate to release three nice roosterfish aboard Andrea.

Also the same day, Todd & Bev Duncan from San Diego caught two yellowfin tunas aboard the Tracy Ann.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

May 24th, 2010 Fish report

Looks like fishing picked up considerably yesterday and for the first time in awhile we are seeing marlin.

Our top anglers today were the Colby family from Atlanta, Georgia they enjoyed a great time out with Captain Orlando aboard Andrea and were thrilled to catch two striped marlin both on live bait at four miles of Cerro Blanco.

Unfortunately one of the fish died before it could be released so they brought it back to the dock, where it will be filleted for them to take home and share with some of the crews.

Here is a picture to remember.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Fishing News May 1st to 15th - IGFA World Offshore Championship


May 1st to 15th, 2010

Overall Catch Success Rate 79%

BILLFISH: The biggest news during this time frame was the IGFA World Offshore Championship which took place in Cabo over four days from May 10th to 14th. This is a fantastic tournament with the most level playing field that you can get. We had forty teams representing sixteen different countries from as far afield as Papua New Guinea, Japan, Italy and other European countries as well as the USA and Mexico being represented with several teams. All billfish are released, circle hooks must be used to increase the survival of the fish and certified 30 lb test line must be used. Smaller game fish such as tuna, dorado and wahoo can be boated during the event. Anglers do not get to choose which boat they fish on; a draw is done amongst local charter boats and the anglers rotate to different boats each day. To be invited to enter you have to win a qualifying event anywhere in the world. This year the marlin bite was way down, even though fishing activity was not bad with a hook up ratio for the event of 69.77%. A total of 60 billfish were caught, 36 wahoo and 6 tuna.

1st Place Team, our local boys from Cabo San Lucas, who also won last year, Team Copa Gobernador with 7 marlin released and 2 wahoo boated.

2nd Place Team, Harborside Rotary from the Bahamas with 5 marlin released.

3rd Place Team, El Pescado from Florida, USA with 4 marlin released.

The top wahoo weighed in was caught by Tadayuki Fukuhara from Japan, representing the Hawaiian Billfish Tournament and was 70.21 lbs.

The top tuna weighed in was caught by a team from the USA and weighed 55 lbs.

In regular news Pisces overall catch success rate for all species combined was higher than the tournament’s at 79%. Just 15% of our boats located billfish; “Cabolero” in the tournament did well to located marlin for both the 1st and 2nd place teams, catching and releasing two on May 11th 3 miles out from Cerro Blanco for the Bahamas team and then another two just one and a half miles off of Cabeza de Ballena on the 12th for the Cabo team. On the 13th of May “Rebecca” released a striped marlin and a sailfish from a group from Florida just two miles off of Solmar. Our charters ended up with 17 billfish this week, in diverse locations all on live bait.

OTHER SPECIES: This really should have been called the tuna report, as our boats amassed catches of 547 fish this week ranging in size from 10 to 35 lbs with many smaller fish released. Damon and Debbie Lehr from Clyde, Texas were our champs this week with a total of 28 reeled to the boat, just above Golden Gate, on cedar plugs and petrolero lures, aboard “Andrea”. Other boats caught between one and a dozen. Some boats has nice mixed days, such as “C Rod” with 12 tuna and 1 marlin released, as did “Falcon” with 14 tuna and 1 marlin released for Emma and Neil Pearson from London, U.K. Fifty two percent of charters caught tuna. The same could not be said for dorado where just fourteen percent caught this species with the catch usually one or two fish and less often three. The weights tended to be between 20 and 30 lbs with most caught on the Pacific. Wahoo catches were good with ten caught by our fleet, the largest being a 60 lb’er caught aboard a panga by Cabo regular Gary Hall from Snohomish, Washington. “Tracy Ann” had two wahoo 46 and 50 lbs respectively fro for the Martinez family from Tenerife, Spain. There were plenty of other fish too; a couple of mako sharks up 85 lbs, good numbers of roosterfish, jack crevalle, trigger fish, some sierra, squid, skipjacks, cabrilla and snapper.

WEATHER: First part of this report, partly cloudy and moderate seas, and second part was calm and clear.

LOCATION: Golden Gate to Chileno Bay, one mile to forty miles offshore, the majority of fish with the exception of tuna were in close.


BEST LURES: Live bait, caballito, ballyhoo, petroleros, green colors.

Based on the catches of Pisces by Tracy Ehrenberg

Photos show,  the winners of the IGFA Championship, celebrating at the awards and on board with champagne.
Also shown Sue Hall from Snomohosh Washington, with her 60 lb wahoo caught on May 13th

Thursday, May 13, 2010

IGFA World Offshore Championship Results

Today was the close of fishing for the IGFA World Offshore Championship where  a total of forty teams from 16 different countries battled it out to see who would take the title of best in the world. Fishing was slow for the anglers, as the marlin have not yet arrived "en masse" to the Cabo area, even though we have heard reports of fish further up the Pacific. A total of sixty marlin, thirty five wahoo and six tuna were caught. The unofficial result for the tournament puts Mexico in first place for the second year in a row.  The Mexican team had a total of seven marlin released over the four day event plus two wahoo givingt them a total of 2196 points.  A team from the Bahamas took second plkace with five marlin released giving them 1500 points and third place went to the USA with four marlin and 1200 points. It looks as if Hernando Gonzalez will be top angler again this year too. The Mexican team shown in the photo consisted of Oscar Daccarett, Rafael Garcias, Daniel Fisher, Jobe Villavicencio and Hernando Gonzalez. Just shows to go when fishing is tough the locals have an edge. Way to go guys, congratulations.

May Fishing First Part


April 29th to May 4th, 2009

Overall Catch Success Rate 84%

BILLFISH: All things considered fishing was pretty good this week that is when boats actually left the dock. With the media machine in full swing and with the majority of people actually believing what they said, Cabo experienced a flood of cancellations, including that of the IGFA World Offshore Championship, which was set to start on May 11th. Despite not a single case of swine flu in our whole state and with our ideal geographic location keeping us far from the germs, people generally “freaked out” and decided to skip Mexico, which has been devastating to the economy. Not only that, but Mexicans are being discriminated against around the globe, for example popular Mexican singer Vicente Fernandez was not allowed to land his private plane in Peru or Ecuador to refuel simply because of his nationality……and people are upset about the way our citizens are being treated. However, we know Mexico and especially Cabo have a lot of loyal fans who will return shortly. Those that did make it down this week enjoyed a catch rate of fifty percent on striped marlin. This is an improvement on last week, but with the weather still not ready to fully commit to warmer temperatures, we still aren’t seeing the catches that we would like. Right now we have a big moon and it is windy in the afternoons; once the wind dies down we will see a huge improvement on marlin catches. Our top boat this week was “C Rod” with three striped marlin released and one dorado boated for Yvette, C.A and Elliot Bailey from Albuquerque, New Mexico, fishing with Noel Carte from Nevada City. All their fish were caught on live bait 20 miles out from Cerro Colorado. “Tracy Ann” also did well to release two stripers on May 1st, 13 miles from the 150 spot for Greg & Margaret Kjos, who were fishing with Kim & Marie Griesman, all from Minnesota. Pisces anglers caught a total of 13 marlin this week all of which were released.

OTHER SPECIES: Marlin was actually the best catch this week followed by dorado with forty four percent of boats catching between one and four fish up to 30 lbs, caught in diverse locations with lures being the best way to hook up. Yellowfin tuna catches fizzled somewhat as the week progressed, resulting in a sixteen percent catch rate, however “Ruthless” did very well on May 2nd for Wes Readinger, Greg Cunnington & Jeff Pierce from Fullerton, California; catching 20 yellowfin tuna up to 30 lbs, 1 yellowtail and 4 sierras. Inshore there were catches of giant squid, quite a few skipjack, the odd roosterfish, a few yellowtail and jack crevalle.

LOCATION: Six to thirty miles off of the Old Lighthouse 95 and 150 spots, five to twenty miles off of Cerro Colorado, Cerro Blanco five to twenty miles.

WEATHER CONDITIONS: Light winds in the morning with a bit of chop, then calming before the wind picking up in the afternoons.


BEST LURES: Live caballito, green colored lures.

Based on the catches of Pisces by Tracy Ehrenberg

Monday, May 03, 2010



APRIL 23rd to 30th, 2010

Overall Catch Success Rate for all species combined 79%

BILLFISH: This week was very slow for billfish with just six percent of our charters managing to hook up to marlin. One of the main reasons for this, it appears, was the weather; with most of last reports’ marlin catches at the Jaime Bank on the Pacific, it was practically impossible to get up there this week. The wind blew hard most days, creating nasty white caps and making it practically impossible to fish. Nevertheless we heard another report of marlin at the Finger Banks, which means they should be moving this way soon. William Quin Harris from Cypress, Texas was one of our lucky anglers, releasing a striped marlin on a live caballito and boating a yellowfin tuna aboard “La Brisa” on April 25th. This was one of the few boats that made it to San Jaime early in the week. The only other boat to catch a marlin was “Andrea” on April 29th, outside of Santa Maria for Jason Spencer, Joshua Renne and Robert Moore, from Bloomfield and Frankenmuth, Michigan, respectively. At the close of this report boats switched areas, as they were unable to get up the Pacific and began fishing between Santa Maria and Chileno, where some boats reported spotting up to five marlin in a day, but none hungry enough to take the bait offered. Pisces anglers released two marlin this week and we hope the fish show up on time for the World Offshore Championship, set to begin on May 10th.

OTHER SPECIES: Even though the marlin fishing was poor anglers were entertained with other fish. Dorado catches crept up to forty one percent for our boats, with the catches usually of one or two fish over a widespread area, taking both bait and lures and weighing between 18 and 35 lbs. Top dorado boat was “C Rod” with five on April 25th, twenty five miles out from the Old Lighthouse for Joseph Thessin from Washington, D.C. Our total dorado count was twenty-six fish. Tuna catches were not far behind with thirty-eight percent of charters catching from one to twelve fish with the area near San Jaime one of the better areas, if the anglers could take the weather, as well as locations on the Cortez side. Top boat for tuna was “C Rod” who seemed to have the knack with these smaller game this week. On April 27th this boat caught a dozen fish for the Burkey’s and Walton’s from Santa Barbara, Ca; the fish took cedar plugs and green colored lures. Our total tuna count was thirty one fish, with sizes no bigger than 30 lbs. Twelve percent of the boats caught wahoo this week. On April 24th, “Ruthless” caught two weighing 30 and 45 lbs, as well as two dorado and one tuna for Andreas Harti and friends from Vista, California they were close to shore on the Pacific side. “Fearless” and “Cabolero” also had wahoo to 45 lbs. Other catches this week were a 60 lb hammerhead shark, aboard “Andrea”, released half a mile off the Old Lighthouse by John Dunn from Auckland, New Zealand. “Valerie” also caught a shark, this time a mako, estimated at 60 lbs six miles in front of the Old Lighthouse, along with a dorado for Malcolm Catherall and friends from Red Deer, Canada. We are starting to see an increase on roosterfish at this time.

WEATHER CONDITIONS: Partly cloudy, very windy and rough on the Pacific, seas calmer past Cabeza de Ballena on the Cortez side.


BEST LURES: Live caballito, cedar plugs, green colors.

Based on the catches of Pisces by Tracy Ehrenberg