Sunday, July 01, 2012

Weekly fish Report June 23rd to 29th 2012

June 23rd to June 29th, 2012

Overall Catch Success Rate for All Species Combined 84.90%

BILLFISH:  Awesome week for fishing in Cabo, striped marlin, swordfish and now dorado and yellow fin tuna are finally here!
We did not see as many billfish as the past week, they are moving around and we are on the lookout, however 45% of our boats caught billfish, many of them releasing 2 in one day like “Andrea” on the 23rd, with 2 stripeys released and one tuna and one dorado landed for Kenneth Kisseberth from Swanton OH, “Ruthless” also releasing two and landed 3 tunas and a dorado for Logan Jager & Emery Sanford from San Francisco CA, the next day Patricia O’Connell and Michael That from Ft. Pierce FL kept 3 yellow fins and released 2 marlin aboard the “Valerie”, but the catch of the week goes to our 42ft Bertram “Yahoo”, releasing one striped marlin, landed 6 dorados and 6 yellow fin tunas and a 150 lbs swordfish for Ryan Tucker from Midland TX and Meryl Schafer from Cleveland OH. On June 27th, again “Yahoo” with Captain Ricardo Escamilla released 2 striped marlin and landed 4 very nice size dorados, from 20 to 45 lbs for local guys Marianne Pfeil-Schneider and Alexander Schwarzer from San Jose del Cabo. A total of 27 billfish were caugh, 26 were released.

OTHER SPECIES: Oh boy! Dorado sure knows how to make a comeback, 65% of the boats catching at least one of these golden-soon-to-be-tacos beauties, average size was 15 to 20 lbs with the occasional 30 lb’ers. Boat with most Dorado’s in one day was “Rebecca” with Captain JR Alucano and angler our really good friend Gerald Richmond from Morada Fl. Biggest “small game” fish this week was a 43 lbs Bull Dorado caught by Hanson Hanger from Chandler AZ aboard the “C-ROD”. Yellow fin tuna is also back! Way too late if you ask me, last June we caught over 800 of them and we are just starting to arrive, still 47% of the boats caught tuna, most of them were football size, but as I said, they are just starting to arrive.  

Gerald Richmond with his pals Capt. JR Alucano. (right) and Luis Cota (left)

LOCATION: Destiladeras, 95spot, 35 miles south from the arch.

WEATHER CONDITIONS: Clear sunny sky, 91F average.

AVERAGE WATER TEMP:  79 to 83F, keeps getting warmer.

BEST BAIT OR LURE: Caballito, small yellow tail, green and yellow lures.

Based on the catches of Pisces by Jorge Narro