Monday, January 25, 2010

Fish Report

JANUARY 15th to 21st, 2010


Overall Catch Success Rate 81%

BILLFISH: We have to be honest, in that fishing is not great for marlin right now. Compared to last year when we had 945 striped marlin total for January, this year's numbers look bleak in comparison. It is hard to say exactly why fishing is slower, but water temperatures are higher than normal and there is a lack of bait in the area, well that is mackerel, the meal of choice for striped marlin. Weather is getting a bit cooler, so hopefully when we get a cold snap the bait will show up, followed by the marlin. As with most things it is just a question of time. Best day for marlin was January 15th when three of our boats had two marlin each. "Tracy Ann" released two at Pozo de Cota on the Pacific that took live caballito; they also boated four dorado for William West from Norwalk, Ca and Robert Harrok from Redondo Beach, Ca. "Valerie" had an identical catch this day in the same area, two marlin and four dorado for Judson Todd and Troy Barder from Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. To round out this, our most successful marlin day, "Yahoo" released two, a little closer at San Cristobal fro Scott Steinberg and Mike Cuts, both from Chicago, Illinois. Other marlin catches were just of one fish and the locations were far ranging, from the Old Lighthouse to 27 miles off of the Finisterra, to 25 miles out around the 150 spot. Just twenty one percent of charters caught marlin this week giving us a total of eleven fish released.

OTHER SPECIES: Dorado have provided entertainment and have saved the day several times this period, along with the spectacular shows put on by both gray and humpback whales in the area in large numbers. Forty nine percent of boats were able to pick up between one and nine dorado, in the 15 to 35 lb class. Found in diverse locations and taking mostly lures, in assorted colors and the odd live bait. Yellowfin tuna catches were in between those of marlin and dorado with thirty one percent of boats catching between one and fifteen fish, rarely over 25 lbs. "Tracy Ann" had fourteen one day but had to go forty miles to find them for a group from Whitmore, Michigan. Next day out this same boat caught fourteen tuna but this time closer to home at 23 miles out from the Old Lighthouse for Herb Radke from Canada. Not a lot going on for other species with just one small wahoo caught and several roosterfish.

LOCATION: Mostly Pacific, though one day off of Palmilla.

WEATHER CONDITIONS: We had a couple of windy days, otherwise, clear skies and flat to moderate seas.


BEST LURES: Live caballito for marlin, cedar plugs for tuna and assorted color lures for dorado.

Based on the catches of Pisces by Tracy Ehrenberg