Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Extreme Fishing Coming to a Channel Near You Soon

Robson Green is a British T.V presenter of the very popular show "Extreme Fishing". He travels the planet looking to sample every kind of fishing imaginable. Despite traveling far and wide he still had not caught a marlin, that is until today.  After some careful research by his production team, we were honored that he picked Pisces Sportfishing. Out on the "Tracy Ann" today, he challenged Captain Julio to a fish off....Robson and his team were blown away with Cabo and the amount of marlin they saw. Robson ending up catching and releasing two striped marlin ending a six year quest. Great job by the whole Pisces team and by the T.V crew who ended up with some outstanding footage ( and yes Julio won the fish off ).
From Left to Right: Captain Julio Castro, Robson Green, Deckhand Matin Gonzalez, Captain Roberto Sandez